Noelle Lisette

I was born and raised in Redondo Beach, California, am 20 years young and with such an old soul I still enjoy phone calls and Jazz. I never aspired to be healthy until I had no other choice and which God clearly had a plan for because hello! I found my passion. Expect nothing less than an incredibly dramatic life made for no other place than LA with sporadic travel adventures elsewhere. People say I'm too busy but I high-key enjoy testing myself--so catch me as a full-time student, part time social media strategist & full-time coffee shopper. Seriously, I've made coffee shopping a real hobby so feel free to add it to your LinkedIn profile and OH! I never ever ever leave my house without a gallon of water? No I am not on a wrestling team. I was born without the "embarrassment chip" so know that everything you see is authentically me. However you found me, it happened for a reason! *Destiny* So go right ahead, binge on some balancednfit-ness.

Much love and High Vibes Love!