The RIGHT Probiotic Literally Raised my Self-Confidence.

Say what? Yes...Yes it's true babes. Don't knock it till ya read it! 

Probiotics are really hot right now and i would go so far as to say trendy. Just last year, when I told people i took probiotics, they would give me a quizzical look…as if to say ummm why again? what are they good for? 

Fast forward to today and everyone can tell you “probiotics are good for you!”…but so is kale and that doesn’t mean that you will feel the strong urge to go out and buy some to start taking religiously. They are somewhat expensive and what they will really do for you that is worth the time and money spent to go get them, is questionable—I get it! Reiterating the fact that I am a 20 year old college student who could definitely spend the money on other things—I GET it. But honestly, if I could, I would obnoxiously go up to girls on my campus and tell them about the wonders of "probs"because yes, they really helped me that much. Note: I am not affiliated with any probiotic brands ahaha

Anywho, here’s why I take them and why I think you should too. 

*I think we all know the feeling of being uncomfortably bloated. You wake up and your day just feels off from the get-go. In my opinion, aint nobody got time for that. Especially a busy woman.*



All throughout high school, when I struggled with the terrible chronic digestive condition gastroparesis, i was bloated every single day. Literally. High school is hard enough but then imagine you literally can’t get relief from the bloating without reaching for a harsh laxative that will only give you a day or two of relief. On top of that, just about any food that was considered “healthy”—think fruits, veggies, grains…they all made things WORSE. 

What I have now come to realize is, even those without a serious issue like gastroparesis deal with this.Anyone else ever eat a like 10 berries and end up looking 5 months pregnant?! Yeah that was my life for a solid 2 years.


Finding the right probiotic & taking it consistently LITERALLY changed that almost immediately. 



Yes, I'm going there!! Hell, why do we suffer in silence. I'd much rather be straightforward about it! I know first hand and from friends that not being able to go is far from a rare problem. And eating more fiber or drinking more water doesn't always do the job. Is there anything more uncomfortable than being stopped up? My first instinct used to be reaching for an over the counter laxative and then, (later as I rejected western “meds”) I'd opt for a laxative tea. Neither of which provide more than temporary relief and risk of dependence. 

Finding the right probiotic & taking it consistently LITERALLY changed it…over time.


Of course, there are many other reasons to take probiotics:

  • increased immunity
  • improved skin conditions
  • better absorption of nutrients 
  • even better mood…!

…but I’m just focusing on the tangible results I got and the ones I feel impacted me most.

No longer being bloated all the time actually changed my social interactions and my self-perception. When you look good (in your own eyes) you feel good and when you feel good you do more things! So babes, I encourage you not to pass off probiotics as a “health trend” but really as a tool to help you manage GI issues that there is no shame in having.  A link to my personal favorite is below!

Found at Sprouts, Whole Foods, & other random health food stores:


-Morning Dove