Going to Bed Early Clears my Skin

Our lives are busy, but that shouldn’t equate to feeling out of balance with our health. It’s the balance we create that actually makes the rest of our lives so much more enjoyable, balanced & productive AF! 
— Morning Dove

Continuing my clear skin real-talk series, I'm sharing my second essential to get & maintaining consistently clear skin. Just like my first post on water, this one may seem like a simple, almost too basic kind of tip to be taken seriously, but through my balanced and fit health journey, I have found that it's often the most simple and common sense tips that get kicked off the priority list. And honestly, it makes sense from a psychological standpoint: If our brains hear the same thing over and over again, it can become immune to the the importance of the message--In other words it looses it's sparkle. 

Well, I'm giving the message a little re-vamp & adding some more weight to the topic. I know ya'll have heard that having a regular bed time is highly beneficial for your body's systems--it allows your body to function optimally, like a well-oiled machine on a clock. Without getting too nerdy and boring you, I will say that from a physiological standpoint, yo body craves regularity whether your netflix account supports that or not (lol sad but true). 

Hormones, digestion, cell growth & repair, mood, and energy are ALL impacted by the quality of your sleep...and quality stems from regularity because our bodies have an internal clock aligned with the sun--its just a fact. 


Ok, now that we got that out the way, before proceeding, I will also say that not everyone's body is as sensitive to erratic sleep schedules as others. I mean we all know that one gorgeous, glowing girl who can eat, drink, and do anything she desires without it impacting her appearance. That's wonderful for her!!! But...that's just not the way most bodies respond.

Here's the low down: 

During my high school years, the prime of my skin health, I was always on regular sleep schedule. I took for granted the fact that my illness forced me into bed by 9:30 latest out of sheer exhaustion, but later realized it was a little blessing in disguise. Without re-telling my story, I am a firm believer that allowing my body to consistency repair itself via adequate and regular sleep was a major player in my "recovery" from something that is supposedly "chronic." And, I was clearly rewarded via my skin status--smooth & glowy. Not to be cocky , but I didn't have one blemish between sophomore to senior year and I now believe that it was a result of, among other factors, my incredibly consistent schedule of recovery & repair--that's what sleep is for after all!! 

But anyways, after high school, during my first year of college I was living at home because I went to a CC and that played a huge role in me maintaining my sleep schedule. No parties to throw me off or late nights besides weekends...maybe. Annnnd my skin remained perfect. Flash forward to my first year at USC when I said a somewhat tentative, yet abrupt "byeee" to my sleep schedule & what did I get? A really sassy "oh you thought" from my skin. My mindset was--"hell nah, i'm not missing out on LIFE because of a silly sleep schedule. Please, I'll never get these years back--all nighters? That's what college kids do! Going to bed at 2am to wake up at 7? I can do that.  

Once again, "oh you thought!" snickered my skin...

It was after about 3 months of this change, that my skin started to show it. I explained the full story & other factors in detail here, but I'll just say that , for the first time in my life, had little bumps all over my face, red-inflamed cheeks and random little zits popping up like crazy. Also, I seemed to be more sensitive to foods that I ate despite having a very clean diet. Eating some extra carbs or even too much fruit sugar was affecting my skin like it never had before. Cue screams--I  was literally dumbfounded. My skin? Blemishes? HELL NAH--Ain't nobody got time for that.  When I put two and two together and thought hmmmm sleep is for growth and repair & recovery...1) I'm not sleeping enough & 2) my body's internal clock is freakin mess!! DUH, all those creams and face masks aren't helping my skin because it's confused and tired as hell! 

Now as I mentioned in the first of the series, there were and are many factors that go into skin health, so there were definitely a few other things contributing to this sudden outbrake on my face, BUT, sleep was undoubtedly a huge contributing factor. 

So I decided, despite my new college girl status, that I wasn't happy--I new that my body needed more attention & I  was basically giving it the cold shoulder. I could (& did)  find a way to have fun while honoring my body so I could heal & regain the confidence to out in the first place!

 *So, I decided I would go to bed between 10-10:30 Sunday through Thursday and stay up as late as I wanted Friday & Saturday.*

When I set my mind on something, especially something so tangible and personal like getting my clear skin back, my brain goes into over drive and I just know that I will achieve it. It's that determination that I've built up over time that pushes me to make changes that many people I know say "oh I could never do that..." Which honestly is some BS because thats all self-created doubt. You can do anything. 

So, amongst other changes, I decided to get back on track and just do it. I'd be in bed by 10ish and asleep by 10:30 most days (and NO this didn't inhibit me. If anything, I had more energy when the weekend came around...!) and almost immediately my skin started to change. The first change I noticed was the redness...after about a week my face was over-all less irritated & it makes perfect sense! If our bodies do it's best recovery before midnight...making sure you are actually sleeping & not missing out will make a major impact on your skin! But anyways, this "going to bed early tactic" is one of those things that I can't put a time on...like "do this for this amount of time"--it's honestly more of a lifestyle. Does that mean I say no to any and everything after 10pm on weekdays? NO! The idea is regularity...what do you do the majority of the time...


So, to this day, I keep a regular bed time during the week days and my skin has basically returned to it's high school glory days. But, I do get that it's one of those things that none of us want to hear, because nightlife is the "Adult way of living," but honestly, 2 nights a week are wayyyyy enough for me!  So if your skin is pesky and just annoyed at you all the time, decide to make some real changes that will help you overtime. Getting your body back on track with what it was born to do (aka rise and sleep with the sun) will get you results those paper faces masks haven't been able to get you ;) 

P.S. If you try this, let me know how it goes after a month or two! I'd love to hear how it works for you! 

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