How I Spring Back From the Thanksgiving "Stuffed" Feels (Without Restricting or Passing Up Brunch)

So, if you are American, health nut or not, you probably participated in Thanksgiving this past Thursday and may or may not have gone a little over board with the stuffing and French apple pie. But that's the fun of the holiday season and there's no point in regretting anything--YOLO! But, so many women have "fall off the wagon" tendencies when it comes to diet and fitness that Thanksgiving can often be the lead-in to a holiday frenzy that leaves you feeling a bit out of control with the snow flake cookies and hot-cocoa. Here's how I sprung back from the indulgent day as a someone who refuses to juice-cleanse or restrict with a more balanced approach if you will ;)

1) I got off my Instagram

For those of you who follow me, you may have noticed I went a bit MIA after a quick Black Friday post & it wasn’t on accident. What many people do is turn to Instagram for motivation when they feel they need to up their game, which many people feel after splurging on turkey day. Searching pics of ultra fit women or juice cleanse deals...sounds motivating, but somtimes it can just make you feel overwhelmed and bad about yourself. So I actually do the OPPOSITE when I feel like I want to “up my game.” I get off my phone, I stop scrolling & just do. 


2) I Didn’t Allow my Brain to Mull over Thursday’s Events 😅😋

So so so many of us love to talk about how much damage was done...How many carbs you consumed, how fat you feel...blah blah—all this negative talk that gets you absolutely no where but stuck in a mindset of feeling like its too late & that you might as well "let go" for the holidays. I like to just move the frick on. It’s a new day, yesterday was fun and yummy, but life goes on.

3) I Didn’t Restrict Carbs or Calories! 

Many type-A women (LIKE MYSELF ahaha) are always on top of trying to re-balance everything and do so efficiently which in the case of a splurge day like Thanksgiving results in massive sales-increases for juice cleanse companies (lol). So you juice cleanse or restrict the next day and end up feeling not only lighter, but kinda tired and in the ever restricting mindset of a diet. I hate diets—I think they are terrible for mental health. So, instead of actively cutting my calories or carbs the next day, I just focused on clean eating. Whole fruits, veggies, healthy fats, lean protein, & unprocessed grains like quinoa. That way I still had energy, my bloat went away without spending a gazillon dollars juice or whatever else is out there. 


4) I Up-ed my Herb Game

As a natural wellness junkie, I’m all about herbal tea and they are about as “cleanse-y” as I get. After a day of a lot of sodium and water retention I make sure to drink a few cups of Dandelion Tea which works on the liver as a natural detoxifier! 


5) I got OUT into the LA air & walked, shopped, and focused on feeling light ✨

How convenient for Black Friday to fall the day after all that food—whether or not your planning on doing some major spending or not, it’s the perfect day to get out there and walk around, get coffee, even window shop! I just like spending the day out and about moving my body, even if it’s not a formal workout, rather than loafing around eating left over pie! Over the years I have learned how powerful our little actions are...little things like deciding to stay home and just sit all day versus get out and get some fresh air for a bit at least! The little things are game changers and you’ll feel healthier just walking around then sitting at home all day with leftovers 😅😘


So, my weekend was filled with lots of shopping (hello step-goal is that you??), good company and real, clean foods post-turkey day. But that being said, I’m not telling you you can’t enjoy leftovers or enjoy time at home with the family, I’m more so gearing this advice to those who are actively trying to avoid feeling that “UGH” feeling after big holidays like Thanksgiving ✨


I do these proactive things to bring the balance into my life. Without proactively offsetting the bloaty, stuffed feelings of Thanksgiving from the get go, I would slip into a full on holiday frenzy which does not leave me feeling balanced in the slightest! Now I’m feeling like nothing ever happened, and I’m ready to hunker down, finish up this semester & start studying for finals this week.