For the Girl Who is Afraid of Looking Picky (or High-maintance)

Continuation of my morning thoughts from this post: 

 *Little things are big things. For everyone, but for millennial women especially.*

 Little things like how you order your coffee, what you agree to have for dinner, what you say you are ok with doing when inside you really aren't, are BIG things.

It's the small decisions that are really special glimpses into who you are and what you identify with. Every single day we are faced with hundreds of little decisions that are easy to shrug off as small and how you order your coffee for example. But what I've learned over time is that it's exactly the nuances of things like how I like my coffee that serves as fuel for my identity and my balancednfit lifestyle. Nowadays people are so quick to point out how other people do things...via lovely words like "extra" or labels like "high-maintance" which impact what you feel comfortable doing. Like is my sugar-free, coconut milk latte sound too extra...maybe I'll just have a latte? No--anyone who has achieved a health or body goal will be able to tell you that the little things matter.

Ahhhh! Just the simple act of feeling confident ordering your fancy-smancy, healthy, sweetener-free coffee is a huge act out of identity and thus fuels your female fire every time you do it.  As a young woman who has struggled with identity issues in the past (hello manifestation in restricted eating patterns by 13yrs) I have come to understand just how important it is for us to act on what we want as individuals as opposed to always just "going with the flow" or just having, doing, or saying things that won't draw attention to ourselves. Specifically, I'm talking about what you put in your body. What you eat is hugely central to who you are and I often hear girls say that they were eating so well until they felt pressured to eat X with friends, or until they had to say yes to a donut they didn't really want to avoid looking rude or whatever else you can imagine comes up in daily life.

It all comes down to not wanting to look high maintenance  (GRRR I hate this term) or picky.  But, honestly, owning something as simple as the fact that you won't drink dairy or that you don't do added sugar, even in a latte while catching up with friends, will literally boost how you perceive your capabilities as determined young woman. Being able to stick to your personal preferences consistently is honoring who you are and that creates a positive cycle of you doing more of the things that make you the person you are striving to be--hello Balancednfit life is that you?? Having clear yes-s and no-s is central to creating a real life of your preferred balance--to feeling happy and capable in your everyday life.

But, when we let fear push us away from what we like in the name of not wanting to draw attention to ourselves or fear of looking picky, we aren't serving anyone but we...wait...literally we aren't doing anyone a favor. All that results is uncertainty about how on earth we are going to reach our fitness goals when we can't even order a dang coffee that is exactly what we know our body prefers because we see it as menial or extra. Order organic. Order unsweetened. Ask questions! What's inside matters!!

So long story short, I’m not saying that coffee is a make it or break it decision, but what I’m saying is that discovering what you like and voicing that unapologetically is central to feeling balanced when trying to nail down new health promoting habits. 

I never think twice about ordering something in a “complicated way” because my little decisions are centrally tied to what I like and who I am. If I were to just go with whatever looked "ok" off the menu without asking questions, I would be left thinking "hmmm wonder if this will break me out...hmmm I don't usually drink sweetened milks, wish I didn't get this...hmmm why didn't I just ask! ." I've gotten so used to being "picky" that I think nothing of asking questions and getting everything right so that I can really feel like my choices align with my goals (a clean diet that enhances my day to day life feels). It may sound over-dramatic, but if you think about how many little decisions you make in a day, as opposed to big ones, it will become clear that all the little decisions are the ones that really add up fast and impact you most. 

So, be picky. Be unapologetically intentional about what you put in your body and they way you make decisions about food will bleed into how you make other decisions in your life.  It's so much more than coffee--You are doing yourself a favor ❤️