The Bloat Series: It's Time You Let Go of That Diet Soda & Sugar Free Gum (FOR GOOD)

So many of you probably already know that that artificial sweeteners aren't the 100% innocent, O-calorie miracles we once thought they were. In fact, it's pretty common knowledge these days that they are not healthy and that aside from with diabetics, should not be used carelessly.

Still, as young women, they are soooo easy to continue using...I mean, they have ZERO calories which makes them so freaking tempting to use instead of sugar to get that sweet taste...🤤 without all the calories, right?

Unfortunately, there’s been talk of everything from cancer to weight gain surrounding the consumption of artifical sweeteners—all of which now has research behind it, which should be enough to scare you away.

…buuuut we keep ordering diet Coke’s and carrying sugar-free gym in our purses because *ehhhh* ---How relevant is all that buzz if you don’t seem to be affected by it? Exactly. It’s irrelevant until it starts messing with you. Well guess what, it probably already is.

I know this from both personal and interpersonal experience.


You know that little thing that's all the rage (as in literal emotional rage) on health-centered social media accounts these days--Bloating? Well, that innocent sugar-free gum here and there as well as that diet coke you ordered is probably contributing to the 5-month prego-bloat look that has so many women frustrated. 

So how do I know for sure?

Both from personal experience and straight up research backed science of how the body deals with artificial sweeteners.


Splenda used to be my JAM. I'm talking 4-5 packets in a bowl of oatmeal.

2-3 in Iced-tea.

1/2 a bar of sugar-free chocolate.

Basically, an obsession with sugar-free everything in my early high school days. And to be honest, I really thought nothing of it beyond, "oh this probably isn't the most natural thing for me" while simultaneously thinking "Gosh why am I so bloated??”

Science/Digestion Process:

Girl to girl, bloating f*!$ing sucks and when you just want to wake up, feel good and kick ass at life but feel like there are little balloons in your ab-region, your mood is affected, am I right?! So, I'm just being real with you--from my personal experience, the smallest things will set your body off and if you really want to change the way you feel day to day, attention to details are essential. In other words, getting rid of chronic bloating for me meant getting rid of the seemingly small habits, like chewing sugar free gum & drinking diet soft-drinks for good. 

So anywho, like I said, I know a thing or two about the love/hate relationship with artificial sweeteners--

So, I as the proactive woman I claim to be, I  reduced my intake--a piece of gum here and there can't hurt? Sugar-Free syrup on my healthy pancakes every now and again won't do anything--WRONG. I continued to feel bloated at random times and figured I was just screwed. 

***It's funny how desperate we can be to change, yet still let "little things" we already know arnt doing us any favors remain in our lives. It's like we can be so well aware of our bodies, yet we continue to make excuses as to why it's ok for us to have XYZ, while simultaneously wondering why WE who try so hard and are so good and healthy still deal with problems like bloating. Our brains like to protect us from feeling bad about ourselves--therefore we continue to justify our decisions day in and day out.***

Lucky for me *sarcastic voice* I got diagnosed with Gastroparesis at 15 and was FORCED to give up artificial sweeteners cold turkey which had an immediate effect on my bloating. So much so that after cutting it out 100%, when Idid have something like sugar free syrup, the difference I felt was blatantly obvious. I.FELT.GROSS. So, I’ve been sugar-free/ artificial sweetener free for...years! 4 or 5...😎

I’m telling you if there is one thing that will for sure make you feel gross, it’s when the body tries to break down something it literally can’ artificial sweetners 💁🏽‍♀️ So expect nothing less than  the by-product: gas & bloating. 


Now I’m not writing all this because I just "know better"...ummm heck no. I SUFFERED for years through the bloating, strange cravings, and addiction to sweetness before I learned the truth & was advised to dropped it cold turkey & never look back. Not sure if you’ve noticed but I’m a cold turkey kinda person—It’s easier that way in my experience.

Wait, I take that back, I look back often, but only in amazement of how much “small” changes like this impact my whole life.


Simple switches like ordering iced tea instead of diet soda and buying Trader Joe’s mints instead of sugar-free cinnamon bun flavored chewing gum (really? Like what the actual hell 😂) is the difference between constantly craving sweetness and experiencing random gurgles, bloating & discomfit and, well...not! And in the grand scheme of things, feeling “off” and gross all the time affects your happiness—which then creates a nasty domino effect.

Take Away.

So, if you are still an artificial sweetener, sugar-free kinda girl and struggle with sugar cravings and/or bloating, I cannot advise you enough to let them go. Bye.

Sugar-free gum? Sorry I don’t know her.  

—Morning Dove