Finding Your Personal Motivation

A fitness goal in and of itself means nothing. Sure you can argue that fitness is connected to increased health status or more confidence or strength, but look one layer deeper and ask why that even matters? You're doing just fine right? You got the internship or the job or into that school or whatever else we've deemed of great importance. But why are so many of us women never content? I believe it's because when we know our potential, which we all do deep down, not achieving that is like never being aligned with who you really are. It's unsetting and nagging so we keep "achieving" but struggle with our health and fitness goals. HMMMM. 

Why is health important to you really? Has anyone ever asked you that? It’s a stupid question right? No, it’s the question who’s answer gave me unparalleled direction and drive.

Health is all we have. No matter what internship you snagged, what job you’re applying to, what places you’ll travel to, if you don’t have your health, you don’t have any of that other stuff. 

So my answer to why I want health is complicated and long, but I can contain it all in the word “energy.” 

I’m a HUUUUGE believer in the power of ourindivial energy to impact our life outcome directly. I want my energy to be so strong, people recognize it. I want to feel my everyday life at a level that makes it impossible for me to get lost in the hum drum of everyday. I want to feel inspired and genuinely happy...ready to live this one life I have & to share it with people I love. 

That’s why I want health. Well damn. Now that I know that, it's pretty difficult to push it under the rug. Some may say it’s a “Woo Woo” kinda response, but those people are also cynicals who probably aren’t as happy as they could be ;) 

So, if you're in the space of not knowing how and why you should invest in yourself this new year, dig deep. Find your “why” and write it down, feel it and own it. Nobody’s watching, nobody has to know, but isn’t it time for some real progress this new year? Maybe you'll resonate with some deep "woo whoo" reason like doesn't matter though. All that matters is that you cultivate the energy needed to achieve your goals, girl. 

Find your why & let it fuel your female fire 🔥

--Morning Dove