THICC Pumpkin Cacao Oats

I'm sure you are well aware that every aspiring or current "fit girl" loves her oats. Scroll through insta and oat meal of all kinds is the hot breakfast item of the fitspos...but as much as I love oats from a nutritional standpoint, there's one small(debatable)  unspoken issue—they make a LOT of people BLOATED AF & I'm one of them! 

From an outside perspective, I can’t think of one thing more frustrating than getting on the health wagon, making a big bowl of oats in the morning (yasss girl cozy cozy) only to feel bubbly and inflated before noon—sexy. 

So before I post the recipe for this bowl of oats, let me just say, I know the struggle & wouldn't want you to experience that awful feeling while you're just trying to be a balancednfit babe this new year ;) SO, being the low-key digestive expert I have become after having dealt with a chronic digestive disorder, I have a few tricks in my purse to avoid the bloat at all costs. So, you're gonna need a blender for this recipe & all my oat-recipes in fact his time, its all about avoiding the bloat by blending the oats or using oat flour to make all my oat bowls! So essentially they are already very broken down before reaching ur GI track so they won’t be as difficultly digest--so no or less bloating ;)!


So here’s a little spin on the OG Morning Dove bowl, this time minus egg whites/vegan egg. This bowl is NOT super sweet, but rather rich in cocoa, THICC, with just enough sweetness from  raw the honey on top. 

So, let me know if this little blender trick helps ya like it helps me! Bodies are so different, but I would be so happy to hear if it helps some of ya!



1/2 cup oats or flour

Cinnamon according to obsession level (I use about a full teaspoon!)

1 tsp baking powder

1/4 cup water

1 TBSP Cacao powder

2 Heaping tablespoons unsweetened pumpkin purée 

1 Tbsp Raw Honey (can sub with regular honey or agave—raw honey just has the best texture for this recipe in my personal opinion ;) 


Personal Blender (like Magic bullet, Nutibullet, Hamilton) 




  1. Add Dry ingredients to the blender with just enough water to blend (mixture should be THICC--not soupy--spoonable! Think of the texture of brownie batter 🤤)
  2. Add pumpkin purée & blend until incorporated smoothly, add more water if necessary but not too much! 
  3. Mixture should be THICC enough to spoon out into a bowl.  
  4. Microwave in a microwave safe bowl on high for between 1:30-2 min depending on your microwave. The top should look like a brownie but this is a bowl of oats, remember. So it will be spoonable like oatmeal 🤗
  5. Place Tbsp raw honey in the center where the cracks are and let it get all melty! Enjoy bloat free ✨

Eat this for:

1) Clear Skin:

Oats are anti-inflammatory which means they can help stop acne at the source. Pumpkin is rich in Vitamin A which is a major anti-ager! 

2) Crush Cravings:

The combination of oats and pumpkin make this a seriously fiber-packed meal--the more fiber, the fuller you'll feel & the less cravings you'll have. Also, there's no added sugar besides the honey on top with will help keep your blood sugar stable= no hanger rage after 1 hour ;)