Making Breakfast Fit

Hey Queen,

So you want to make breakfast apart of your life?

Honestly, that’s a really great move towards overall health and a feeling of groundedness—yes girl.

I personally love this topic just because I am a huge believer in the power of a good breakfast and always had a little knack for just making it work in the AM. Even back in high school it was just a must for me because I always felt like it set me up for the day in a way that coffee and a granola bar just couldn’t.

But I know that’s not everyone…hence why you are here!

Anywho, I used to get asked HOW I seemed to always make time for breakfast…even if class started at 8am or work/internship involved a morning commute and I had a hard time putting it into words for a while. Now after falling in and out of breakfast as a habit, I can see both sides and actually give advice from the outside in.

…so no matter if your barrier is school, work, or sleep (lol) these things are general enough to apply to you.

Here are just 4 things that help make breakfast fit into my varying schedule:

1) Get clear.

This is the most important step for me with any new habit! If you don’t know why you want to make breakfast fit into your schedule, good luck being motivated to make it work. Think about it. Write it down. When I think about what had me stick to a healthynbreakfast for so many years, I believe it had a lot to do with my ability to connect it to how I felt. I KNEW I felt more on my game when I at breakfast…and I was addicted to being at that level. That was my “why.” So my question is, do you even know why you want to fit it into your life?

2) Think about what you enjoy.

I think it’s so silly when people force themselves to eat oatmeal when they hate oatmeal. Like no. That’s self sabotage! I never ever ever eat things I don’t like…no matter how healthy they are for me. If you, for example hate oatmeal but heard it’s “the best thing to eat for breakfast”…girl, abandon that idea and Google something else LOL! Avocado toast, fresh fruit, eggs…anything! Find something you actually like and commit to it for a week.

3) Set yourself up.

Mornings are so hectic for a lot of us. If I don’t have breakfast foods that I like on hand and ready, breakfast just wouldn’t happen! Let’s be honest…if dishes aren’t clean that’s enough of a barrier to throw some of us off.

So, give yourself enough time, make sure you have the ingredients on hand and just make it as easy as you can for yourself. My simplest time hack is grabbing a batch of my gluten-free oatcakes that I often make in batches on Sundays and keep in the fridge in sandwich bags so I can literally just grab them in the morning.

4) Create a Habit.

Ok, now this step will sound really dumbed down, but I could write a book on habits and I don’t think that’s what you are hear for right now. Essentially, you want to make your new desired breakfast routine automatic. How do we do that? It starts with doing something the same way for a while until you don’t have to think about it. So this is why I would personally suggest keeping it simple for the first couple weeks. If you are switching between ideas, like oatmeal one day, smoothies another, martha steward quiche another , when you never usually eat breakfast, you will get overwhelmed and say F*ck this! And go back to eating a croissant in the car.

If you decide on avocado toast, stick with it until its an automatic morning go to. You’ll know you’ve gotten there when you find yourself spreading avocado without even knowing how you got to the kitchen! Success its a habit!!

Now I will say, I am not a proponent for just eating on autopilot, but I am a huge proponent for streamlining life. The more we can streamline as busy women, the more energy we can spend on the big things…the big ideas and the big goals…rather than an internal battle of “ughhhhh I wish I was more consistent with my meals.”

I am sure you can deduce from this that it all comes down to priorities and habit formation. Once you decide to make it a priority, you put it into action and you acknowledge how you feel when you do that action, it get’s easier. But start with these steps…they helped me get back in the swing when I fell off.

Question For You:

What get’s in the way of breakfast for you? Does breakfast feel natural for you? Are you even hungry in the AM? I’d love to hear how ya’ll feel and answer any questions you might have in the comments.

—Morning Dove