Making Breakfast Fit

So first Off, I am not going to tell you "breakfast is the most important meal of the day" because chances are you already know that. But still, between work and school and friends and sleeping in, breakfast is often pushed off or replaced with a granola bar shop pastry *gasp*. We justify in our heads that "yeah yeah I'm just not a breakfast person" and I just don't have time. Still we struggle with cravings, energy, weight loss or weight maintenance, and often ignore our own habits for the sake of preserving confidence in ourselves and negating self-criticism. But, with that being said, what we try to avoid usually ends up occuring--the more we live in denial of the effects of our own habits, the less confidence we have in ourselves to change and move in the direction of progress. Soooo, how do we stop this cycle and start this simple habit?

I'm not an advocate for self criticism, but I am a "real-talk" advocate, in that, being real with yourself is the first step in the direction to making health changes. There is a huge difference between telling yourself "Omg I have no self-control, I suck," and "Girl, enough is enough. I deserve better." Choose the latter and your mindset will be immediately more positive thus making everything to follow 100000x easier!

Anywho, if you want to start feeling "healthier" in record time, just eat breakfast. Seriously, Its a biological fact that eating breakfast within 30 min of waking literally breaks the fast your body was in overnight and revs UP your metabolism (we like that!) and literally helps to prevent your brain from craving donuts and fries come noon. So, recap: you want to get healthy and fit? Step one, commit to eating breakfast. Write it down on your phone reminders, set an alarm, write it in a journal, tell your mom (lol)...!! Do whatever it takes to make it real for you and figure out what is currently standing in your way. For many busy woman, its TIME--you either have an early class or have to leave for work and you'd rather clock in a few more minutes of sleep than get up early to eat a "healthy breakfast." I get it. So, what can you do this time around that will set you up for success and keep you on track day after day, WITHOUT  it seeming like a chore? I have 4 Balancednfit Breakfast tips for you babes! 

1) Go to Bed by 11pm. 

Though I usually like to go to bed by 10 PM, especially during the school year, I get that its a bit early for many people and even I stray away and become a night owl during the summer sometimes. But if you are on a mission to implement a new habit, specifically eating breakfast, the earlier you go to bed the more rested you will feel when your alarm goes off and the better mood you will have come breakfast time. A good nights sleep is ESSENTIAL, but nobody can make you go to bed or break your late-night netflix habit. You want to make a change? Get. Your. Beauty. Sleep. 

2) Keep Healthy Breakfast Staples in Your Kitchen at All Times.

This may seem obvious but if you are going to start eating a healthy breakfast everyday, having only dairy milk and some bananas on hand isn't gonna cut it! Now, if you have some almond butter to go with that banana that's a different story... ;) a spoonful of almond butter and a banana is a decent breakfast for someone who is really crunched for time! But ideally, you should sit down to eat breakfast for at least 10 minutes before rushing off into the day so that you actually chew your food and optimize digestion of the nutrients you are taking in! *Side note: better digestion=less bloating=SCORE*

3) Don't Eat Dinner Late at Night!

Sometimes it just happens and all of a sudden it's 9pm before we realize we haven't eaten dinner--and that's OK. Go ahead and eat--please don't starve. (P.S. the idea that anything you eat at night turns to fat is literal BS so if that's ever been a concern let it go babe-- you're good! The body's metabolism simply Doesn't work that way :)

 The real reason to eat dinner at least a few hours before bed is because it will give your body time to digest your food before lying down! When your body is in sleep mode, it wants to...SLEEP, not digest. Therefore, digestion is not optimal during the night and you may wake up feeling bloated and "full" not wanting to think of food until lunch time. What to do? Eat dinner by 7pm as often as you can!

4) Find YOUR "go-to" Breakfast.

Variety is wonderful and it makes life fun, but on your average Thursday morning, what you really need is a simple, easy to whip up (or better...pre-prepped) meal that you don't have to think about preparing--you should be able to make it or grab it out of habit eventually! Like I've mentioned on my Instagram many times,  my Morning Dove Bowl  is a busy-morning staple for me along with a few others that are already made for me to grab in the fridge come morning! 

--Blog posts to come on my favorite breakfasts!!--

So, now you have the tools, doves! Remember, you are 100% capable of being the healthy, fit, happy #girlboss you want to be--but it starts with you! Your thoughts determine your actions so positivity is the key to all things...even something as simple as breakfast!