My No-BS Morning Routine to Being Positive

You know those commercials--the bright, chirpy mattress or coffee commercials that begin with a woman stretching, yawning and smiling her biggest most seemingly unrealistic happy smile the moment her eyeballs open to the sunshine cascading through her large bedside window? Yeah...those. If those commercials irritate the hell out of you--I understand, they used to irritate me too--as a pre-teen. Like, "why on earth is that girl so freakin' happy! She literally just woke up...I hate mornings."

Babes: ...No you don' hate mornings because you have grown up knowing other people do, your friends do, its socially acceptable to gripe about mornings and frankly, its's a great excuse to stay up into all hours of the night on a regular basis. The fact that I had that reaction to those commercials at such a young age just goes to show how normal "morning-hating" is. 

The thing is, hating mornings forever doesn't sound like too fantastic of an option given they don't just occur once in a blue moon--they happen everyday. Think about that. Wouldn't you rather spend that time consistently happy rather than consistently frustrated with "stuff"? Sure! We all would...its just getting there. I was lucky enough to be forced into early mornings back when I  was still dealing with gastroparesis because for some reason, the mornings were the peak of my pain, nausea and other digestive issues. Despite how terrible I felt physically during the time, the morning hours became mine. I would have to spend hours in the bathroom dealing with hell, so in order to combat it, I tricked my brain into seeing only the good things...everything happens for a reason?

When I allowed myself to look past the negatives, I saw so much positive-ness around me. I began to see the morning hours as that beautiful fresh start that so many people talk about...the mornings were a time of opportunity.  That being said, as I began to heal, I carried my new perspective with me and made a natural transition from spending my early mornings in the bathroom to spending them either reading, making a healthy breakfast or at the gym. There was no going back once I discovered how incredible you can feel by just simply getting up early and thinking good things are coming your way...because they will.

 Now the picture I gave at the start may sound like a silly example, but its a relatable example of pure bliss that it applies here pretty well. The crazy thing is, its that kind of approach to mornings that will lay the foundations of being effortlessly balancednfit. Ok, before you call me crazy, I  will admit that I know she is acting and the scene can come off a bit corny, but my point is that your brain can be re-trained to feel that same level of morning bliss day after day, thus setting you up for your most FIT, HEALTHY and HAPPY future. Sounds unrealistic it's not. I'm proof! And it's my morning positivity specifically that gets my to the gym day after day--that shuts down anxiety--that propels me to eat a healthy breakfast--and that feeds my #girlboss goals. 

The first thing I do to set myself up for a positive morning begins the night before. I am a social media addict for sure, so I know how hard it is not to scroll scroll scroll until your eye lids eventually fall shut--but I HAD to stop this habit in order to clear my mind of the craziness from the day and fall asleep with a calmer mind. All it takes is 5-10 minutes of just laying in bed, without your phone, thinking and breathing. That's all. If you really want to feel the craziness leave your mind, say "Inhale the good sh*t, Exhale the bullsh*t" mentally as you breath. Silly, but it feels SO GOOD. Then, let your last thoughts be thoughts of gratitude. This was life changing. No matter how hard or not hard your day was, consistently listing off the things in your life you are grateful for puts life in perspective. You can't be stressed or angsty if you go to bed thinking about how grateful you are to just have a bed to sleep in...

When my alarm goes off at 5:15AM I have to walk across the room to turn it off. THIS IS KEY. Snooze is not an option--Snooze equates to procrastination as the first action of the day. BalancednFit babes don't procrastinate, we have stuff to do--stuff we WANT to do. Simply switch off the snooze option and make your first decision of the day a purposeful one (getting right out of bed)  and gain a strange air of confidence. Like, "wow, I can do this--imma kill this day."

Now that I'm out of bed, I become aware of my thoughts and purposefully interject happy thoughts into the mix. Yes, I do mean literally forcing myself to think about all the wonderful things that either have happened or that will happen because our brains are wired to think negatively--we are programmed to look for "danger". So, you can technically blame negative thoughts or anxiety on evolution to certain degree, but you have the power to take control. Use a  rule of 3s. Think of 3 things you are either excited about or grateful for and make those your the dominate thoughts.

Now that good vibes are flowing through my brain, I am propelled towards my goals for the rest of the day...its a kind of momentum. I run downstair and drink at least 2 cups of water as my daily introduction into a balancednfit day and proceed to either workout or sit down to eat breakfast.  

Today, I relate to that girl in the commercial that I once saw as silly actress. She is still an actress of course, but instead of rolling my eyes, I just smile. It's a reminder that, I too am a Morning Dove. I take control of my day and do so by purposefully starting early and starting positively.  It's a reminder that I am in control of my thoughts and therefore in control of my actions. It's LIBERATING...and result producing. So, if you wish to wake up, wanting to go to the gym or wanting to eat a healthy breakfast, detach yourself from the self-created label of "not a morning person" and slap on your "Morning Dove" pin. 

Fuel your female fire babes--do it for you. 


-Morning Dove