Shave off Bits of Anxiety with Simplified Snacking

Have you ever been in the middle of studying or doing work of some kind at home and suddenly you need a snack badly so you head to the kitchen and find yourself debating over eating some leftover cake or a muffin or something, versus eating some fruit? Before you know it, your brain is in a two-sided battle between "treat YO self" and "be healthy."

We've all been there, and as silly as it's so intense in the moment! Like the whole thing feels so dramatic and by the time the battle is over you settle for eating both...soooo you eat an apple first but also grab some Oreos cuz "whatever, you tried!" LOL! It's so real---I've been fact I think we all have. But how is it that some people always just choose the fruit-- So easily and quickly and they just move on with their life and they seem to have it all together?!!??!

Well...they don't keep the other stuff in the house! How about me? How and why did I do it---get to the "always choose fruit" option?

Answer: I was over the drama I created around food, I didn't want to struggle against myself anymore, and frankly, Oreos aren't good for you. So I just stopped PURCHASING THEM.

*what a concept* 


 Sooo today I posted a picture of berries--frozen berries from the beloved Trader Joe's that I snack on whenever I want really--and especially during these hot LA summer months. Annddd I proceed to claim that they can help solve your anxiety. What do berries have to do with anxiety? Simplicity-- making your life easier.

So, fun fact, I struggled with severe anxiety from the time I turned 13 allll the way through the end of my junior year of high school. The kind of anxiety that meds couldn't help...debilitaitng anxiety so bad I would have panic attacks over things like missing a HW assignment or going out with a friend. So that being said, I come from a place of deep understanding and empathy when it comes to anxiety as I know that it's not really a conscious choice nor does it spare any aspect of your life--health goals included.

Fast forward a few years, filled with self-discovery, finding my passion and a whole slew of other things that brought me out of the dark, and I no longer suffer from that debilitating anxiety, (though we all have our moments) and I would say that it takes a lot to get me really anxious. Still, my experience has made my hyper aware of what triggers OTHER people and what triggers me. Being fully invested in the health and fitness community, there is a lot to digest and understand and for newbies, getting the little stuff straightened out can be the kicker. You may discover a love for swimming but find yourself spooning Ben & Jerry's from the pint multiple times a week even though you feel sick after eating it. The solution is implementing simplicity. If you constantly struggle with picking the healthy option...just buy the healthy options...seriously its that easy. If you genuinely know and understand your health goals and are tired of time-burning mental battles caused by keeping crap food around--just stop buying it. 

When I go to grab a snack while I'm at home, I have tons of options...but none of them include mini muffins becuase i personally don't like eating refined sugar or processed foods on the reg. Therefore (sorry for the overkill) I don't buy it. Elimating the things in your life that keep you debating over little things, like what to snack on, will free up your mind so much you will feel like you have cheated yourself from clarity in the past. 

Try it...Try going SIMPLE with your food...specifically your snacks and see what happens. I get more done...I have more mental energy for the things I value rather than wasting it on food debates. Just go simple. I promise, simplicity is the annoyingly easy answer to so many anxiety related problems! 


Side Note: This is for those who want to get healthier but feel held back by their little addictions to junk-food. I am by no means demonizing junk-food or having a treat if you want one! :)

If you like this post, my thoughts, or have questions, PLEASE comment or reach out to me :) I'd love feedback!