Doing Yo' Thang Baby

An Insta-rant tuned Blog Post ;) from @balancednfit_noelle:

"Friday Morning Vibes: Get up, deep breaths, move yo body(mine was a 2 mile walk to get coffee), drink coffee, eat some real food, dress up, feel bomb af💥💃🏽 You are so capable & so worth the time & effort in investing in yourself--you deserve to focus on yourself unapologetically. It was the decision I made almost 4 years ago now>>>that I would put me first that changed my ENTIRE LIFE. 
Decide what you want--health goal wise--then go after it. Not because you hate yourself, because you want to be the best version of yourself. So, workout today, drink more water, say enough is enough to the self deprecating health habits that always leave you feeling envious of other girls. I did it. Simple but true."


And its the fact that when you choose to take care of your body--all the other stuff falls in line. The longer I've been on this balancednfit journey, the more I've noticed the power of self-care. Without it, especially for young women just figuring out themselves & their lives, we just fly around pleasing others pretending we are content with always pleasing others and keeping up with expectations that we have decided they have for us, and then end up feeling lost, empty, &/or unmotivated in our personal endeavors (ex: our health goals). We only have so much mental energy and doing it all isn't admirable when you sacrifice who are for it--(me last year).

Tell me if this sounds familiar :

When you neglect self care, you eating habits are second to others wants, your sleep schedule becomes a mess so long as you can attend to all your commitments, and your workout's an "extra"--something you often seemingly can't make time for. All that being said--i've been there and I see friends and acquaintances struggle with this, looking put together on the outside only to vent about how tired, stressed and burnt out they are. 

In reality, what I have learned is that it's all a result of our own choices & assumed expectations about others. We can really do whatever we want and when we do--when we choose to do things that make usfeel truly accomplished, we feel happy and more self secure. We feel confident around other girls doing their thang--we have an easier time feeling positive about our life. Sacrifice isn't noble if you are left with an empty tank in the middle of the desert--trust's liberating to hold up the stop sign and re-focus on yourself. That's noble!! 

Now, knowing this didn't really make things easier on my side, it just made things clear-er...I still have to make the decision to go against the flow or norm and say "I matter to me, so imma do me first" and then proceed unapologetically. Every single time I have done this, good things happen. ******LITERALLY every single time, yet I still struggle with this from time to time--being in an incredibly high-achieving environment where everyone and their dog has already created an app or start-up of some sort (LOL) it's almost impossible to feel secure at all times! 

But anywho, my point is that focusing on yourself shouldn't be a luxury or viewed as selfish--especially if you are in a place in your life where you want to take charge of your health. I get asked all the time how I got into this whole Balancednfit thing in the first place and my simple, answer? I stopped and decided to focus on me. Best. Decision. Of. My. Life.  



1) As a senior in high school...the beginning of my BnF  journey, I felt immense pressure to go to a four year university right off the bat because that's what everyone was doing despite the fact that my health was not in a place where I could move out. It was distressing...even though inside I genuinely didn't even feel ready to go to a four-year.  Despite constant questioning from my peers &  their parents (double LOL)  I decided on a CC & had the best year of my entire life. It was a combination of self discovery, the city, the people I met, the career path change I made...all of which involved a lot of push back against norms and MY GOSH I'm glad I did. That was the year I discovered who is was...

2)  Going to bed early & waking up early as hell. This. Bothers. Young. People. The concept of enjoying the mornings more than the night is incomprehensible to most college age/20 something's that they think you must have a miserable life! Somehow who you are missing out on parties or something and it's blasphemy. Missing out on parties may occur sometimes but ding ding ding--get ready for it...I'm not really a part, get-lit kinda gal. Sure I like to go OUT on the weekends/spend time with friends...but getting lit on the reg just doesn't excite matter your opinion on this the point is>>>WHO CARES if your routine or needs confuse others! When I tried to "fit in" and satisfy others expectations for what a fun college experience should be, I felt lost and tired. I didn't feel like me. Simply doing what I like to do allows me to feel in-tune with myself and have the energy for what sticking to what makes me feel my best has allowed me to achieve the things in my life that are important to me. 

*You hear it all the time but you'll know when you've really internalized it.* 

You can't expect to be extraordinary or different doing what everyone else is comfortable doing. Decide what you want and start doing it.