The 5 Foods That Don't Exist to Me--And My Body Appreciates it!

So, a lot of people requested that I write a list of foods that I don’t eat and why I avoid them, but I realized that there are definitely more than a few foods that never see my kitchen!  Buuuut I figured it would be easier for both you and I if I did this in chunks. So I’m starting off with my top 5 100% avoid foods that really have no place in my life & why 💁🏽

But before I start listing stuff off, let me just say that this is personal to me, my experience & feelings. Some of these foods I believe should be out of everyones diet, others I believe is very personal & I have an astrict * next to those I believe to be up to personal experience. Also I should address that I genuinely do not see cutting out foods as a restrictive act, as some people may see it as, because I take this perspective: 

My body has been through hell and back. It’s been overweight, skin & bones, chronically sick and now FINALLY healthy, & it was through that journey, that I became incredibly IN TUNE with my body. I learned that I have the power to make myself feel anything that detours me from that, I simply do not care for! Ya feel?

In other words if I know I’ll feel bloated, I’ll breakout, I’ll be lethargic or any other less than optimal feeling, bye bye, see you never. 

Annnyyywho, these are my top 5, ultimate avoid foods because they either make me feel like sh*t or...well, I’ll just tell you! 


First is DAIRY!

Ok I’ve said this more than a couple hundred times but it’s so so so so critical for overall health that I’ll repeat it a gazillion times. Dairy is inflammatory. Period. 

Gastrointestinal problems? Cut out dairy. Stubborn skin problems? Cut out dairy. Asthma or allergies in general? CUT THAT PUSS FILLED CRAP OUT 😘 my gut-health, skin and energy thanked me, you will later too ;)

All Red Meat

*I am very very proud to say that I’ve been red meat free for 6 whole years 🎉*

This is a very personal one for me, story time: day I remember watching some random video on beef production and I saw the faces & kind eyes of those beautiful cows and I had a strong urge to both cry & throw up at the same time—I never ate another mammal again. Vegans hate me for this because it’s as though I am picking animal favorites & honestly, I guess I am. I just personally am repulsed by eating another WE are mammals!! It just freaks me out 😅

But aside from my personal tear-inducing epiphany, red meat has been identified as a legitimate CARCINOGEN AKA a cancer causing agent. It's unfortunate that our American culture has normalized and engrained in us that eating cows is normal and that beef is just another food...hmmm strange how the chronic pain, obesity, and cancer rates continue to climb in this country....*puzzling* So, ummm no—I’ll pass on that burger. 

Anything Fried

Yes that literally means that I legit never eat fries or tempura shrimp. Before you mentally scoff, just think of it like this: When I was an adolescent I would go through this cycle: crave fried food—get excited when eating fried food, feel happy for 20 min, then proceed to feel heavy, gross, and bad about myself because I made myself feel gross!! This. Is. Not. Healthy. All I was getting was 20 min of “happiness” only to feel gross for dayyys after. Simply, not worth it for me. 


Ok now this one is bizarre Ik! And let me just say, BANANAS are HEALTHY & I personally love them. These are not on the list because they are unhealthy but instead because I found out I am sensitive to them via a blood test I did a couple years ago. It wasn’t until recently that I began to take the results seriously and my PMS symptoms & skin issues have gotten significantly better. And word on the street is I’m not the only one with a banana issue—any of you familiar with @leeofamerica, the natural health goddess guru of 2017?? She’s banana free for the same reason! 


I used to love powdered peanut butter like PB2 and I honestly miss it a little bit, buuut they break me out, not terribly, but I’ll definitely get a couple zits & they are a known gut irritant. As you can imagine, when u have a gastrointestinal condition, being well versed on unfriendly gut foods is just a right of passage!


ZAMNN--there's my top 5 avoid foods and all but the bananas I would highly recommend cutting out of your life or at least reducing them significantly. Again, this is not an act of restriction but rather an act out of knowledge and goal getting. If french fries are you ultimate happy, social time food, go ahead, eat them! But, just don't make it a weekly thing. It really is all about balance and getting to know your body and it's standards. 

Let me know what ya'll think and please comment any blog suggestions or questions you may have--I love getting feedback and just connecting with you! 

--Morning Dove