How & Why I incorporate Bone Broth Into my Diet

Hey girl, so I’m guessing that you are reading this because:

1) You either have already heard of bone broth and want to know why it’s a thing, or you’re like “what is this even about?!”

Either way, I’m glad you’re here because hopefully you’ll realize that this is not some weird trend, it' actually worth your precious time!

So basically, I had heard about bone broth way before it was a trend from my acupuncturist & herbalist who for as far as I’m concerned is my “doctor”. Anywho, because I have a chronic digestive disorder, healing my gut is an essential part of my protocol & she went on and on about how I NEED this in my diet because of its healing properties. 

A lil low down on Bone Broth: 

  • It’s incredibly rich in collagen, the protein most commonly comes to mind when you think youthful, wrinkle free skin. 
  • Collagen works to “heal the gut” by supporting & rebuilding the digestive lining
  • Stronger digestive lining=better digestion=better absorption=stronger, longer hair, youthful, clear skin and less GI issues over time! 

*SCREAMS* "It's not as weird as I thought, I NEED THIS NOW!! (Ik girl, I felt the same way)


It’s crazy because we are often confused and somewhat turned off by the sounds of "uber healthy" things just because they are new to us or we don't quite understand the benefits. In the case of bone broth, I get it--what 20 something would be naturally inclined to buy that?! (aside from me LOL)  the name sounds so unappealing in my opinion, especially to a 20 something girl...but in reality it should be her best friend next to coffee ☕️ as a beauty & digestive tool in one! 

So, the question is, "how do I just start drinking bone broth?"

Here’s where I totally relate to the “this is way to out of my way,  imma pass on this one, ain't nobody got time to be making homemade bone broth or spending their college change or new salary on gazillion dollar bone broth...which is more common than not.

WELL, let me just tell you, it wasn't until I found out that one of my favorite brands, Ancient Nutrition by Dr. Axe (nutriton crush;) sells Organic Bone Broth Protein POWDER. All the benefits of drinking the soupy an organic protein powder that I can add to smoothies, drink alone...those of you who follow my insta know I’ve come up with some pretty creative things ;) 

My Personal Results Thus Far:

 So, I invested in a full sized tub of Ancient Nutrition's Vanilla flavored Organic Bone Broth Protein from Whole Foods back in October of last year and was shocked!! I LIKED IT. I actually liked the taste and was so excited to to see if it made any noticeable difference. I would usually just heat up some water and make a sort of vanilla hot chocolate out of it while getting an easy  20gr protein in. But if we are being completely honest, I wasn't very consistent...I probably made my tub of 15-20 servings last a month & 1/2...though I should have been taking it at least a few times a week. My secret goal was to just help my hair grow back thick like it had been before my insane vitamin overdose...but of course hoped to heal my gut as well--But, with supplements, who really knows when stuff starts working?!?!

ANSWER: My hairdresser pointed it out! He was like, "girl your hair is getting THICC again 😍 what have u been doing"...and I swear it had only been a month and both he & I saw & felt a difference in my hair volume. It just goes to show that gut health is really the center of your health overall. Heal the gut & everything else just falls into place


So long story short after fallin head over heels for this brand, they were kind enough to send me more flavors & products to sample ✨ and now I’m a bone broth nerd—if I wasn’t enough of a nerd already 🤓💋

 I know what it feels like to look at new health "trends" through eyes that read: is that? Is it worth it?--but what I’ve learned through my balancednfit health journey is that being open minded to new nutrition knowledge allows for you to feel more capable of living balancenfit because you won't feel clueless about your food choices. Even better, maybe your hair will look healthier than ever & you'll suffer from less digestive issues. If you do try it out, let me know how it goes! 

--Morning Dove


Brand I love: 

  • Organic Bone Broth line
    • Use Discount Code: "NOELLE" at checkout for 20% off ;)
  • Fave Flavor: Chocolate hands down! 
  • Fave way to take it--mix 1 scoop with 1 cup warm water or nut milk for a balancednfit hot "chocolate