How to Master the Insta-Scroll--Take yo powwa back!

Do you ever scroll through social media, specifically fitness/health accounts and just feel kinda exhausted? Like nothing against Fitness/health accounts because HELLO I have one 😂 but if I’m aiming to be 100% honest—from the point of view of someone trying to just get healthier, it can seem a little unachievable. 

The incredible bodies, the stunning meals, the workout & meal’s all full of such great intention, but still I understand my friends who roll their eyes and go, “lol that’s perfect but I can’t/don’t have time for that.” But really, besides those who get paid to do so, who does? That is NOT the “standard” of health—it’s an ideal. We all know this, but it’s so easy to forget in the moment, leaving you feeling a tiny bit discouraged (or a lotta discouraged & ready to go buy donuts). 

And I’m guilty. Last year was my year of succumbing to the pressure of appearing perfect & it wasn’t until after I got out of mentally toxic relationships & rediscovered myself that I woke up to the fact that I wasn’t being realistic, I wasn't doing what I set out to do & I just felt so sad! And yes, that’s a simple way of putting it, but it sums up my feels at the time perfectly. 

Anywho, after I got back on track around August, I began to see things through the eyes of the girl who started the account, my account, a couple years prior. A girl who had come from the BOTTOM of the health ladder & who didn’t achieve a balanced & fit lifestyle the way it was depicted in all those little squares we scroll through. I got there with a little external motivation from idols, but mostly from an internal desire to just make myself proud. Scrolling was not a major part of my trek to health. I started my account to be real—to share how I really got “balanced & fit” after the fact as a busy, young woman & today I am reminding you to take back your internal power & make sure your motivation goes deeper than a picture you screen shotted of your ideal body. By all means, have your physical goals, but I'm just saying there needs to be more & the more there is, the less discourageable you will become after scrolling through social media. 

So what I’m trying to say is, I get it!! I get the mixed emotions that come from scrolling and liking, because even as someone who has a health account, I have been trapped into feeling less than...! BUT, I can say to my own surprise, social media literally can't throw me off anymore! Why? Because I changed my perspective—easier said than done but ohhhh girl just listen. 

I went from looking longingly at perfect bodies, comparing and attempting to take in all of the various perspectives, to using it as a personal TOOL. 

Yes its TRUE & POSSIBLE:  Instagram can be manipulated to make you feel BETTER about yourself if you are willing to play some mind games with yourself. #sorrynotsorry I’m a psych major 🤓

Before scrolling, whether it’s my account or someone with 20 million followers, DON'T ATTEMPT to look at it in AWE. Looking at others in “awe” psychologically puts your own self confidence on a lower tear & you’ll never feel like what your doing is enough. Instead scroll with INTENTION & look through eyes of happiness for THEM because they are NOT your competition or your even your goal TBH.


And by intention I mean, try to avoid scrolling when you’re in a bad mood and have nothing to do—you’ll only feel overwhelmed or bad about yourself. Scroll for a few minutes with purpose. Don't go all "zombie mode" and actually look at what's in those little squares, READ the captions, take in the good stuff.  And by “through eyes of happiness” I mean, look at other women and be happy for them & their life. Sounds kinda corny , but it actually feels really good to just smile and think, you go girl!! The more good energy you exude, the more you’ll get back. So instead of leaving the screen feeling depressed and less than other people, you’ll feel like “damn, they killin it, imma kill it too—hell, I AM killin it” & the key is that whether you are or are not already “killin it” you'll start to believe that you are. That belief is the spark. Your actions thereafter fuel the fire. 

*What you think to be true is what actually ends up happening more often than not*


So to end this free flow, let me just say that it’s normal to feel like you want to go buy a pint of ice cream after scrolling through endless "perfection"  because you feel overwhelmed instead of motivated. It’s normal, but normal doesn’t mean it’s the way things have to be. It’s all about how YOU approach it. Your energy, your thoughts are so damn powerful—you fuel your own female fire—you determine what you take from the those little squares. Use it to your advantage 💋

--Morning Dove