The Supplement That Changed My Cycle Forever!! (For the Better)

NOTE: I AM NOT GETTING PAID for writing this nor was I asked to write this--this is ALL ME!

How crazy is it when you have one of those realizations that makes you feel both enlightened but also a little embarrassed. Like HOLY CRAP I just woke up to reality combined with, DUH, why I am just realizing this now. 

That’s how I felt when I realized my irregular, sh*t show of a monthly cycle didn’t have to rule my life. I won’t go into the full story here, but long story short, ever since being "graced" with her at 14, it was never regular in the slightest! Maybe it would come, maybe it wouldn’t. Maybe my PMS would send me into a deep depression for 2 weeks, maybe I would feel strangely motivated beyond belief. Maybe I was just doomed to a life of an emotional roller coaster that I was too embarrassed to explain to other people, even my closest friends. Maybe, I guess, sure-this is fine giphy.gif ...

It was just the cards I was dealt right? Well that’s what I thought up until last year. And to be fair, my mom has struggled with one hell of a cycle her whole life, throw in the societal hush hush around periods and you get a very shrug shoulders, hands in the air, “well shoot” reaction.

BUUUUT, given I’m “balancednfit” I can't just settle for stuff like that! If I feel off, even in the slightest way, my mind refuses to settle, but I had a misguided understanding of "normal" figured my period was one aspect of myself that I would have to give up on. Can’t have everything right? Well, after hours spent nerding out, researching on my own, going to herbalists and acupuncturists & soaking in all their knowledge, the epiphany occurred!

*A woman’s cycle is a peak into her overall health—being totally out-of-whack was something I really shouldn’t accept & didn’t have to settle for!*


“Ohhhh...I can fix this? Without the pill? Please tell me more.” 


I became fascinated with the idea that a woman’s cycle is like a house’s foundation & learned all about how it rules her body completely! On a common sense level, it makes sense—hormones are your body’s messenger’s that control everything to how motivated you feel at work, to how hungry you are throughout the day. They’re kinda important to say the least. So I began my little (all out attack actually) quest to balance my hormones once and for all without succumbing to the white coat, “take a pill” option that I knew all to well would do more harm than good. 

What happened next was a whole laundry list of changes to my diet, workout routine and supplementation which in all honestly wasn’t very hard! But for the sake of this post I want to stick to the one supplement that was really the fuel to the fire—it changed everything. Yes, this is gonna sound very “go buy this now!” But just hear me out—no BS here cuz ya’ll know I don’t play games—EVER. 

REWIND: In 2016, at the beginning of my hormone journey, I searched and searched for some kind of natural supplement that could support hormones gently along side my dietary changes. *Cue 10 hour amazon/blog research sesh and ZAMMMN a product called Asana emerged when I was just about to call it quits* 

Now, if you know me at all, you know I’m picky AF & proud of it 👑...So the fact that it even caught my eye is saying something. Anywho, what made this product a standout was the fact that the ingredients were incredibly simple, the results were not “guaranteed or your money back” and the reviews were nothing short of amazing, yet honest somehow. Women were writing real, in depth reviews on this stuff & I couldn't help but be intrigued. What it claimed to do was “support healthy female hormones” with 100% organic ingredients and NO proprietary blends or fillers (aka buuuulllsh*t)!  Hmmmm...I researched further and landed on their website ladies to find an incredible founding story by the CEO. She had battled terrible PCOS and long story short, created this company after conquering symptoms (which were far worse than mine) 100% naturally. I got that gut feeling—I trusted it ✨ So I order Asana and took the little capsules as directed...

Period came back in 1 months time. 

Hello Healthy Hormones.png


Wait excuse me, no? What?! "Alrighty, this is kinda amazing but I need to wait it out." was my skeptical response only because my cycle had been NASTY to me before, otherwise I'm really not one to be overly skeptical. But lone behold, for a few months in a row, my period came semi-regularly. I say semi because it wasn't like clockwork, but it was an incredible improvement. Over the past year I was on and off Asana for no other reason besides testing out whether my body could re-regulate itself & to give my body the opportunity to try on its own...So, to this day my period is not regular per say, but it's predictable if that makes sense. I know that if I don't get it, its because it needs support, from Asana lets say or that maybe I've been slacking on enough healthy fats. Either way, Asana was my little miracle of the past couple years, because for us women who suffer from NASTY cycles & real PMS (btw, pms is not as common as our society has depicted it to be. PMS is an actual condition that should not be taking lightly...I unfortunately have real PMS!) mood swings, depression, pain and all that other fun stuff can really get in the way of your every day life. It did for me since I was 14, but finding a supplement that I could trust that actually relived the worst of my problems was a real god-send. *If you know, you KNOW* 

This is where things get crazy: Me being me, became obsessed with the brand as a whole and the CEO's journey for that matter and felt this need to be apart of the company somehow, someway. So, I emailed and emailed and Belle, the CEO, being the super real, sweet woman she is was open to talk. *Cue two girl-boss mindsets intersecting* & all my dreams came true LOL! So yes, I do work for them now, but only as a result of my own incredible experience with their products. It just so happens I ended up working for a company that I actually connect with--isn't that the way is should be?! But, I do realize I'm very lucky. It's really just incredibly important for me to I share pivotal aspects of my heath journey--especially on the topics that are STILL hush hush, like periods. 

So please, reach out, ask me questions, suggest more posts, get the low down because I know the struggle all to well, and ain't nobody got time to play with hormones when you're trying to get goals accomplished! 

--Morning Dove