How I Beat Bloat with Apple Cider Vinegar {in pill 💊 form!!}

Let me start off by saying that bloat is normal. I mean I am sure you already know this, but from personal experience I know that social media can trick the best of us into thinking that some women NEVER get bloated and their waist is a flat 22” 24/7.

*unnecessary & unjustified jealousy ensues* 

There might be a few of those people, and that’s amazing for them!! But bloating happens to everyone more or less & it does not necessarily equate to something going terribly “wrong” for your digestive system. Sometimes it really is a sign of dysfunction, other times you might have just ate too much at one time—who hasn’t done that?!

In case you are new here, I battled Gastroparesis, the mother of all bloat causers, and through my healing journey, gut health education + trial and error, I learned what really works to reduce the bloat significantly or stop it all together for weeks at a time.  😱😏

Though there are many contributing factors, tips & tricks, this one I’m about to share is a very cheap, safe, straightforward game changer that makes a noticeable difference in my day to day bloat level...among other things.

What’s the big deal about Apple Cider Vinegar {AVC for short?}

Anyone who has ever been on Pinterest for 10 minutes has come across ACV. “Drink this and loose 10lbs,” or “Clear your skin OVERNIGHT with just 2 tbsp of ACV”, “ save humanity with ACV,” etc 🤣.

You would think ACV is a magical substance...and honestly, it kinda is, but not for such outlandish reasons. 

Though those are not claims I can say are true {come bait anyone?!}, I will say that ACV is a powerful all natural tonic that’s actually been around for thousands of years and used medicinally to treat everything from infections to random health issues. It’s not a new health trend, it’s not a new creation—it’s a tried & true health tonic.

 In other words, there is a reason it’s lasted so long—it works.

So who is it good for? 

So ACV is one of nature’s gifts that really plays no favorites. In other words, there are very few people who won’t benefit from either taking ACV once and a while or making it a regular part of their routine.  

That’s because it has so many benefits ranging from the ability to kill Candida to optimizing digestion to helping to clear skin to lowering cholesterol, that it wouldn’t hurt to include it in your preventative health routine!  Fresh Health Care does a phenomenal job at going into the nitty gritty research behind all this far better than I could—feel free to check out their blog post if you like to nerd out like me! 

But all that being said, I would say that the top 3 types people who should absolutely incorporate it are: 

1) People trying to loose a few pounds

ACV has time and time again been shown to help with weight loss. How? Research has a hard time pinning down the exact mechanism, but as of now, it’s thought to be related to regulation of blood sugar {extremely important for a healthy weight} & it’s ability to curb cravings.  

2) People with gut issues {especially candida overgrowth, gas, & bloating}

The acidity + the good bacteria in ACV make it a natural digestion enhancer. A big reason so many of us suffer from GI distress is because we can’t properly break down our foods! Adding some acid to the mix HELPS! Think of it like a load of laundry. Say you decide to wash your sheets, bedding, & all your gym clothes from the week in one load {comparable to large meals or meals with conventional dairy, meat, gluten} with one 1/2 a cap of detergent. Your laundry 🧺 is not going to be very clean. Throw in a full cap, and bam now we are talkin! Clean laundry…or better digested food!

3) People who fight sugar cravings on a regular basis {think bread, pasta, as well as cookies & cakes} 


Liquid Vs. Pills  


I would say that anyway you take ACV is a great move for your health, but I do have a preferred way➡️  PILL FORM! —after getting the opportunity to try the pill version, I don’t see a reason to go back to the sour liquid stuff—and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t like “pills!” 

AVC in pill form is essentially concentrated ACV all wrapped up in a capsule so you don’t have to:  

  • Deal with the taste {it’s honestly hard to get used to 😆}

  • Burn your esophagus {when liquid ACV goes down your throat, expect a burn due to its high acidity level. There is not much research out there on how that will affect the esophageal lining over time, so I’d rather not take it in that form everyday...just in case!)

  • Bring a bottle of ACV with you when you travel, go on holiday, etc...A bottle of capsules is so much more convenient!

+ this brand that I get the opportunity to work with adds a few other ingredients like ginger root & cayenne pepper to really amp up the potential weight-controlling effects {pssst—those are thermogenic herbs that can help speed metabolism}

My favorite brand

If you subscribe to my blog, you know that I love & trust Fresh Health care products because of their transparency & quality standards. Something I was shocked to find out was that the supplement industry is basically unregulated!! Meaning people & companies can make claims with little to no evidence. But some companies like Fresh Health Care go out of their way to get verified & checked over for purity & quality standards before putting their things in the shelf {or in this case Web!}  

That was a really long way of me saying QUALITY MATTERS. Repeat: when it comes to supplements, quality should be #1 on your radar.  

+ I like that I can take theses for the ACV while also getting the benefits of ginger, cayenne, etc without even trying 🙌🏽 


Why I personally trust them & would recommend this supplement: 


See above + this is the third supplement I have gotten the opportunity to try from them and you should know, I am never obligated to write about a product I receive if I don’t like it. So this is alllll me 😌

I can actually feel a difference in my digestion when taking them as directed 🙏🏽 I feel less heavy after meals, and thus more energized because my food is getting broken down better!!

 Maybe it’s my millennial impatience, but I like to SEE or FEEL changes within the first week to 2 weeks of trying a new supplement & I saw improvements the first day of taking them. 

This might sound dramatic but it’s actually quite logical. I’m not taking weight loss here, I’m talking in terms of digestion. After taking 3 with breakfast, I noticed an hour or so later that I had less post-breakfast bloat which for me, comes with more mental clarity. 

It’s that mental clarity that I find priceless TBH.

How to take them


These capsules are fairly straightforward to take. Fresh Health recommends taking 3 with a meal at a time. I personally only take 2 with 1 to 2 meals a day mainly to help prevent bloating.  

Though I do not recommend exceeding the recommended dose, I always advocate for finding what works for you! I started with 3 capsules but just had this gut intuition that it was a bit much for my small frame. So, I lowered my dose to 2 and felt just as good as if I used 3.

Use your intuition.

What to expect

 Now you will never ever hear from me “take this it will do x,y, &z magical thing and your life will be fab!” But I will honestly say that taking apple cider vinegar makes a difference in my:

  • Frequency of bloating

  • My skin

  • My sweet cravings

I personally am not trying to loose weight, lower my cholesterol or anything like that  therefore I can’t perosnally attest to those benefits, but I don’t have any doubt in my mind that they are possible! 

I mean, if you are digesting your foods better, your body gets more nutrients out of your food thereby causing you to crave less *crap* which in turn can be a catalyst for weight loss! But don’t take my word for that, again, see this blog post. 😃 

I hope you feel like you have a bit more of a well rounded, honest idea of how Apple Cider vinegar can benefit your life + a new way of taking the otherwise sour stuff! 


I want to know if any of you take ACV + what your experience has been!!

What has it helped you with? Would you consider taking it in pill form to save your esophagus from that *burn* + getting the extra thermogenic benefits of ginger, cayenne, etc...? 

Thanks for reading babes—your support is priceless 💋 

-Morning Dove 🕊