2019 New Year’s Reflection + Advice

There are a lot of things I want to say about my 2018 and how it has influenced my 2019 mindset. 

...A lot of things I have learned & thus a lot of advice I’d like to give. Everything from gut health fails & wins to relationship realizations and career changes & how I’m coping with it all. Not to mention my favorite new brands, places & how I’m learning how to make my passion profitable, etc.  

I want to talk about how 2018 felt like one of the most painful years of my life, but also the most transformative. 

I honestly just want to word vomit everything, but that’s not going to help you.

My goal with this blog is to package my raw life into a digestible lesson & guide of sorts & to soon take on clients…

But as I was writing a draft of this word-vomit gazillion page long novel I realized something huge.  

Anytime I have sought out advice, motivation, tips, etc, I have often felt overwhelmed. People’s best attempts to help often leave us feeling even more confused about what will be right for US as the unique individual we are. Am I right?? Especially during the self-improvement rampage of a new year. 


Well I’d like to break that pattern with this:  

  • What we’re used to:

…Lots of new goals in a shiny new journal or maybe a file in your laptop. Plausibly a color-coded, highlighted list that’s inspired by a YouTube binge of “how-to get your life together” videos.  

…Well intended weight loss promises to yourself and a new found sense of self-discipline that will rocket-launch you to your goals...or perhaps financial goals that you want to reach.   

But then all of a sudden you are hearing Christmas music again and your goals?! Well shoot... 

Not going to lie, that was me 4 years ago when I was still “goal-crazy” & before taking them on with a WHY behind them.  

  • An alternative we should try:

So what I want to go into 2019 with is a suggestion to focus on a theme & a why behind that theme—instead of just “goals.”

I stole this idea from one of my favorite Law of Attraction channels, Wake Up Fulfilled & think it’s an incredible spin on a broken system of New Years Resolutions.  

Essentially the idea is to create a strong theme for the year that will serve to guide your everyday along with a strong why to back that theme up. To make it matter. Matter so much you won’t feel comfortable letting it go due to a bump in the road or a lazy-day.

My Theme & My Why

My theme this year is learn & my why is to leave both of the schools I attend feeling and being capable to excel in my field.

The idea is that every time I have an exam coming up {for example} that has the potential to trigger stress and a questioning of my abilities, I will touch back to my theme & my why. This year, learning is my main priority as at the end of the day, in order to do what I want to do for a living, I need quite a bit of knowledge—about health, about psychology, about business! Remembering that my ultimate goal is to learn takes the pressure off getting the “A” & reminds me what’s really important—to learn…not to receive a certain grade via cramming just for my ego. My big picture goals is more important than any of that small stuff that often gets us all fired up in negative ways. You feeling’ me?

Create Your Theme & Why


You might really desire to make this year the year of finally getting comfortable with your body.

Then, your theme might be CONFIDENCE & your why might be because feeling higher levels of confidence allows you to do better in school, at work & in your relationships. So every time you debate whether to go to the gym or not, you will remember your theme & your why. 

It’s much easier to let go of “a goal” that you make on New Year’s than it is to let go of a meaningful theme that you resonate with, that has a why behind it.   

It took me a couple days to come up with my theme & my why, so don’t feel pressured to start on January 1st just cuz. This is hopefully going to be with ya for a year girl so take a few days if you need to. 


It’s Already Working it’s Magic

Funny thing is, I woke up this morning {Jan 1st} with a strange feeling. I didn’t feel this pressure to excel in all the ways I haven’t in the past. My theme and my why are already reminding me of the big picture—of what is really important for me to get from A to B.  

If there is one thing that 2018 taught me about goals is that they don’t happen overnight—especially if you have never done whatever it is you are doing before! So I’m going into this new year ambitious, but grounded…  

...now I just have to go think of some cute way to display my theme & why in my apartment 🤔 Ideas?! Please give me suggestions—I need your creative energy.

Actually, I’d love to hear what your themes and goals are. Leave a comment and let’s hold each other accountable 👑 This is your year. {say it, repeat it, say it again}