Morning Routine: Getting Back into Consistency

Background on Routines in General: 

There is a lot of conflicting messages and advice out there about being flexible and “go-with-the-flow” esque—but the most successful people in the world SWEAR by a morning routine.

From a psychological standpoint, it makes perfect sense. Our brains like habits—it provides us the ability to make mental shortcuts and save time—soooo a routine can be seen as a habit of sorts & when you find one that works for YOUR goals, that’s golden.

My Background with Routines: 

I’ve had a very similar morning routine for about 3 years that I swear by as my “tone setter”—my brain primer & foundation of my day. It’s what allows me to enter my day with similar levels of motivation most days—which we all know is so difficult! 

 The Drama: 

That being said, over the past couple months I experienced multiple major unexpected circumstances that for the first time, through me into a state of floating (Well, I’m a Virgo so anything but strict adherence to my 5:30 am wake up call is floaty in my eyes 😅) Either way, wavering in my wake up time was a big deal for ME & it through ME off. My mood was noticeably different, my productivity was not consistent, and I felt a little bit lost honestly. ALL BECAUSE OF THAT DAMN MORNING ROUITNE 💁🏽‍♀️😂.


All jokes aside, over those 2 months, my lack of a rouinte actually forced me to gain a deeper understanding as to WHY I have one in the first place & just how important it is—since it has been 3 years since I’ve started, I had almost forgotten what makes one so powerful to begin with. It was almost as though God/the universe was giving me the reminder I needed in order to come back into it with a greater appreciation & understanding about it. 

The Re-Set: 

Anywho, like I said, I had a two month period of “floaty-ness” and by the time Spring Break came, I had had enough. Spring break gave me the opportunity to re-set—Not just my alarm clock because God knows it’s not that simple. But rather an opportunity to re-set my intentions. I was ready to be crazy consistent again because that’s the lifestyle that got me to where I am today—a place that other unfortunate circumstances of my past COULD have prevented me from attaining. 


Now after a week of setting my alarm clock at that magic 5:30AM & NOT hitting snooze for another hour, I feel like me again. Funny thing is,  I didn’t even realize how “not me” I felt before...I just knew I felt “off.”  

 For You: 

So, point is, life happens to all of us & regrets really don’t do anything for us. I see my weird 2 month floaty period as an amazing lesson about myself & how I function. I’m more solid in my belief in the power of consistency & am more apt to talk & write on the subject 🤓.  

If you’ve been noticing you have been feeling “off” & not quite as motivated as you’d like to be, try re-assessing the way you start your day. ALLOW yourself to make your own life easier by trying on a new routine or wake up time & STICK WITH IT. 

See what consistency can do for your goals 💪🏽💥 


What kind of routine works best for you? Do you have one yet? What’s the hardest part of starting one or staying consistent in one for you?! I’d love to hear ☺️ 

Also, as always, feel free to suggest other blog topics or requests for more details on my routine!  


—Morning Dove 🕊