Self-Care with Flowers (cheap & guilt free)

Who isn’t loving this self-care, self-love moment?! For the first time in history women are being supported or even urged to look after themselves 😱...and dare I say, put themselves first! Hey hey #fuelyourfemalefire is IN (haha)!

It’s been long awaited so it’s understandable as to why it’s the new hot buzz word of 2018. But, as nice as bubble baths with 10000 of candles are, we don’t all have that luxury—And as yummy as glazed donuts 🍩 or chocolate truffles are, we don’t really need to be eating them anytime we decide to love ourself— (Well maybe you want to, but its no secret they aren’t necessarily hot-bod supporters.) So at least for me, there’s this disconnect between reality & self care expectations AND an unnecessary association with unhealthy food or money that just doesn’t “fuel my female fire”... Sooooo here’s a new concept ;) 


My self-love practice that doesn’t involve refined sugar or a padded bank account is just buying flowers. Not even for myself as a “gift” persay but as an ACT that leads to a ritual... that leads to simple happiness.



I’ve grown up with a mom who always made sure there were flowers in the house—I took it for granted as a little girl, but how nice it was to always see flowers on the kitchen table—But even better was how much my mom loved & appreciated them for what they brought to a space. It’s because of her expression of awe for these simple flowers that she bought for the space that grew to associate them with beauty & happiness. THUS, it became a natural act of self-love of my own from the first week I moved out & into my apartment at USC.


The Ritual:

Honestly self-love and care is anything that grounds you and is done by you, for yourself and yourself only. It really doesn’t have to have be an insta worthy pic of an expensive spa day (I know you already know this, but it’s easy to compare your level of self care to others on socials) but can be as simple as going to wherever you buy flowers and just taking the time to find your favorite, bring them home and spend time cutting them & placing them some place in your space ✨

I usually do my flower buying on Sundays,  as it’s my day to run errands and do domestic things 👩🏽‍🍳. So, depending on my mood I either make a trip to a flower shop or just hit up my main, TJ’s and spend TIME finding the flowers that make me happy in the moment and buy them without a tinge of guilt or second guessing because they don’t come with refined sugar nor will they hurt my student budget 💸

Its cheap, relative to spa days or facials (which are totally self care too obviously, just not feasible for everyone all the time)

Its not attracted to food in any way, which helps remind us that food does not have to be involved for dopamine to be released.

And it’s easy. What’s not to love?!?

Not a “Feminist Act”

I do want to make it clear that this is not supposed to be a ”female empowerment” I don’t need no man to buy me flowers thing...because I it’s not meant to carry any weight of angst or gusto. Why bring oppression into something so simple & innocent? I still bought myself flowers when I was in a relationship 💁🏽‍♀️ AND gladly accepted the ones gifted to me as well ;) So don’t over think it or make it more than it has to be. Its for you, bae or no bae. It’s a easy, cheap, guilt free. 

The Result: 

What I love about this act of self-care is the fact that it’s more than a fleeting moment of indulgence but rather a lasting reminder of beauty & serenity in my home space. In my opinion creating an environment that is aesthetic is an act of self-love all on its own—free of refined carbs or black-card ownership ✨

So, basically, go buy flowers in your favorite color this Sunday. Guilt free and 100% for you.  

Acts like this keep me grounded is this crazy go-go-go LA lifestyle 💃🏽