How I Stay Productive After a Night Out: Sundays

 *My Sunday after a night out: Comfy but get sh*t done 💃🏽*

How easy it is to let a Sunday slip away after a long night out with friends or whatever else keeps you out on a feels comfy and cozy in the moment, but then Monday rolls around and you are like “F*!? I’m so unprepared for life right now.” 

I used to let that idea stop me from ever going out because in my mind, going out meant the next day was essentially gone.

Bye. See you never because I’ll be sleeping through it. Right? That’s just what happens after you go out and drink and stay out late. It’s a rule...right there in that rule book you made up in your head. 💁🏽‍♀️📚 

It wasn’t until I started  practicing what I preach about BALANCE in this area of my life late last year that I realized how silly that idea is!! Yet it’s a balancing act that so many girls I know struggle with. Go out and have a rough “come back” day or chill and get shit done? 

My “AHA moment” happened last year after I went out for the first time in months, woke up the next morning to a to-do list that I intended to check off & just kinda decided I would & that I didnt HAVE to recover all day (if you do, babe, you went to hard 😂🍷).

You determine your boundaries, how much you drink, just how late your out, what time you get up the next day, and whether you stick to your Sunday intentions.

Norms like “Lazy Sunday” didint have to apply to me if I don’t want them to...and that’s the mind blowing realization that allowed me to find a balance socially. I was no longer scared of “slipping up” or not being able to get my work done because, well, it’s up to me if I get my work done or choose not to 💁🏽‍♀️.

My Internal Conversation: “Last nights events were LAST NIGHTS events, and I can still have a good day the day after...!

Its really all about your own mindset going into the night and the following morning.

Why NOT Just Chill on Sunday?  

I have just realized that I feel better about myself and my week when Sunday is not spent 100% at home. I need to be stimulated and inspired—and if you have the right mindset, just leaving the house and seeing other people can inflict strange glimpses of inspiration into your day.

Also, I LIKE to plan my week, get school work done and meal prep before Monday rolls around.  Not to be like, “oh look how productive I am people” but for my own satsifsction.

Where I’m At: 

So nowadaysss, I do my best to practice more balance in my social life and go out every now and again without a tinge of guilt. Still, knowing that the next day is a fresh start and doesn’t have to be lost...Because, well, I’m 20, I happen to love people, I WANT to have those experiences & memories.

BUT, I also know myself well enough to know that  it will happen like once or twice a month 😂...because that’s ALL I personally need 💁🏽‍♀️

So I don’t set CRAZY  unrealistic expectations if I’ve been out since 2AM—I’m not saying to try to launch a new app or learn a new language, Im just saying that in order to feel on top of things for the week to come, get some things done.

Recent Example from My Life:

Like today, I woke up hours after my usual 5:30, but continued on with my NORMAL routine...just at a slower paste. I drank lots of water to flush out the 🍷 ate my go-to breakfast bowl, got dressed and headed to my favorite coffee shop to get school work done 📚

It can sound draining if you usually dabble around on Sundays just because you can, but I promise you, once your out and going and preparing for the week ahead, you feel badass. So if you’ve been struggling to find a balance, I FEEL YOU BB. But you not alone, we in dis togetha. You a badass B who knows her limits. Right? Right. 


Morning Dove