3 Things You Need to Know About College & Your Health

Hey babes, before preceding, know that I am well aware these three things appear to be common sense or “DUH”-like statements. But, the fact is, it’s often the most simple & basic facts that we become immune to and actually forget. Why? Because our brains are literally HARD WIRED to zoom past things we know very well—taking as many short cuts as possible in attempts to make our brains more efficient at processing. So bare with me and take this as a little reminder as to what you may already know. I know I still remind myself of these things all the time! 💁🏽‍♀️ And hey, if this is new to you, SOAK IT IN. 

1) College was not designed with health in mind.

HELLO! Let me say that again: College was not designed with your mental, physical or spiritual health in mind. If it was, we wouldn’t be allowed to take over a certain number of units at a time and there would be no such thing as 24/hr libraries. 

I think it’s important to keep this fact in your back pocket as you are bombarded with event after class after party after club after study sesh. You have to be aware that you are in control of your health & that the everyday demands of college don’t really care. You don’t have to say yes to everything.

Given that I went to community college my first year, I had the advantage of hearing stories from friends & getting the inside scoop of the University- reality before actually swimming in the deep end. So, because of my rocky health past, I made plans AROUND my needs—mental & physical. Why? Because when you have seen what life is like without your health, you learn pretty fast that preserving it should be a #1 priority.  

So from one girl to another:  

 *There’s nothing admirable about no sleep—you just end up snappy & craving junk food* 

2) The SCM (standard college mentality) does not Prioritze Health. 

Basically spring boarding off #1, I learned very very fast upon transferring to USC that the general mentality of college students is life first, health second. BUT, they have no issue complaining about how they feel running on 5 hours of sleep.

When when it comes to preventing feeling crappy, there’s crickets.

I came into college with a very clear understanding of what I needed in order to thrive & I THOUGHT someone would have to snatch it out of my grip before I let myself fall into any crazy patterns.

GIRL, let me tell you, peer pressure gets to us ALL and before you know it I was feeling self conscious when new friends teased me over my consistent bed-time. Sooooo I caved and for over a year & found myself struggling to feel GREAT because I was staying up just for them! WHAT?! How ridiculous! 

Lets just say late last year the switch flipped and I’m back to my granny ways 👵🏼 cuz that’s what works for ME—I get up at 5:30 💁🏽‍♀️

If late nights work for you, by all means, please stay up!  *Theme* What works for YOU. Figure it out & listen to it.

3) College is the Optimal Time to Find What Works for You.

I hear a lot of people say that they will get their health on after college when they will have a more regular schedule and less of a social life...

Well 1) all of my older friends laugh at the first part because LIFE is never regular or predictable—especially after graduation.  It’s much better to find what works while you figuring out everything else in your life than attempt to hone in on your health when you are on your own for the first time post-grad.

2) I never want to be “less social” and equate that with more time for health! That’s just sad! 

Take Away:  

 I’m writing these 3 essentials down because I notice so many women caught up in the tornado of college demand, settling for going along for whatever schedule she happens to experience due to a lack of personal boundaries! I still manage to be social and do well in school, but I set boundaries for what things I say yes to in the college environment—and I swear is the magic sauce to feeling put together!

I feel as though we often feel inclined to just go with the flow of norms around us, then wonder how that one person who seems to thrive & not complain does it (I know I have!!). 

And almost every single time, we find out that that person walks to the beat of her own drum. So, as I’m sitting here at 6:45am about to get my workout on, I’m smiling because I know I created my own schedule ✨ This works for ME. Find what works for YOU ❣️ 


—Morning Dove 🕊