Essential Oils are Worth Trying--How they transformed my mornings.

This is a sponsored conversation on behalf of Ancient Nutrition. Thoughts and opinions are all mine. 


Being the holistic junkie I am, essential oils always intrigued me. But, up until a few months ago, they were just something I wanted to try, that honestly took the back seat on my list of priorities. *Meanwhile* I was searching for ways to aid my focus and stress levels for when I do work at home...Idk about you but if you ever try to get work done at home, whatever the task may be, it takes like 10x longer than when you are at a coffee shop or an office or wherever you usually get shiz done. Anywho, oils were on the back of my mind and so was focus and stress management--hmmmm.  

Why I Tried Them:

Well the simple answer is manifestation--the long answer is the universe worked it’s magic, connected me with Ancient Nutrition, who I then came to form a bond with, that resulted in them sending me a goodie-package of stuffs to try as a sort of “welcome to the circle gift”—inside were, you guessed it, essential oils. HELLO.  

How They Transformed my Mornings:

So, if you don't already know, I'm a morning person. LIKE 5:30 AM is my most productive time of day kinda morning person (the downside is my perfect bedtime is 10pm--the club? Who’s she?):

Anywho, that means that my day gets started pretty early and I count on my routine to set up the rest of the day for productivity. 

But what does that even mean? How does one create a routine? Well it’s been a lot of trial and error and honestly is always up for revision but long story short, it consisted of a short list of self-centering things, making my coffee ☕️ or tea and working out.  

It was working just fine for months  honestly. I was consistent and all, but I honestly felt stress creep into my body as the semester wore on. I needed something else & didn’t know what that was.  

When the essential oils from Ancient Nutrition came in the mail, I honestly didn’t think much of it when, the next morning I decided to drop a few drops of lemon essential oil in my diffuser while making my coffee. Within a few minutes my whole kitchen smelled like some spa that I had been to one time and I loved it. 

It was the triggering of that memory that prompted me to slow down and actually be present that morning. I happened to be doing work from home that morning and having that fresh citrusy scent around me somehow impacted my focus and I just felt damn good.  

I know I know, this might sound dramatic—like it’s only a scent...well actually our brains 🧠 are highly impacted by chemicals in the air just as they are to visual stimuli. The little things are never really little when we are talking about the brain.  

But anyways, I decided to do the same the next morning, and the morning after...and it became something I looked forward to. It was so simple!! With a couple drops of oil and my diffuser, I took control of my space and thus my day. 


My favorite oil for morning alterness—Grapefruit!  Discount Code: "Noelle"

My favorite oil for morning alterness—Grapefruit!  Discount Code: "Noelle"


But Essentially...

Who are they for?

 Anyone can benefit from essential oils--whether you are an expert on them or not. Whether you deal with anxiety, sleeping issues, skin issues, or even pms there's probably an oil for dat. My first hand experience with them as a mood booster and stress reliever alone prompts me to tell you, your sister, and your whole girl gang to go try them yesterday--especially if you plan on diffusing them.

If you are anything like me and are highly effected by your environment, diffusing essential oils can affect your entire state of mind>>>domino effect on your day.

.Aromatherapy, which I am still am amateur in, is powerful in the gentlest way.


Where to start?

My best and simplest suggestion is to just start with diffusing them like I did. If you don't have a diffuser, I highly recommend investing in one. There are options in all different price ranges and honestly once you have one, you have one for

If you are brand new to essential oils like I was but want to play around with a variety of them, I would recommend you get your hands on a few of them at one time so you can see which ones you like. I will confess that I made the mistake of buying just one essential oil on a whim one time at Whole Foods with no real goal or objective in purchasing it...tried it...or rather, smelled it and happened to not like it...annnnd never used it again annnnd low key wrote off essential oils until this experience with Ancient Nutrition. Learn from my mistake and give them a  fair chance with a multi-pack of some sort like this one that they sent me. Plus, their mini pack lasts quite a long time, so I'd say it's a good starting point and investment!

How I use mine:

Though essential oils have many uses, like I mentioned earlier, I wanted to make use of my diffuser & try out their aromatic powers. So, that being said, after experiencing the mood boosting effects of diffusing, I now use lemon, grapefruit or peppermint essential oil every morning (depending on my mood) to "set the tone" for the morning. All three of those oils have a property that stimulates an alertness that I notice almost instantly as I'm making my tea or getting ready for the gym in the morning, or while getting work done. 

*Note: Not all essential oils can be diffused! Do you research and make sure to use each one appropriately.* 

I am also a huge fan of their tea tree essential oil for a natural and very effective way to dry out zits (comes in the sample pack), but I'll save that for another post on skincare!

Ancient Nutrition Citrus, Peppermint & Tea Tree Oil Review: 

Out of the handful that I tried, my favorites from Ancient Nutrition are their citrus oils, like lemon and grapefruit, peppermint, and their tea tree oil. After reading a bit on aromatherapy, I fell for the citrus, as I learned that inhaling citrus scents literally perks up the brain and can aid in clarity and focus--This is perfect for me or anyone else who works from home sometimes, as we need all the focus we can get! I find that the peppermint essential oil has a similar effect on me, but that I prefer to diffuse it at night. It gives me the fresh scent I need to stay alert if I need to get work done, without stimulating me like the citrus does. 

Do I recommend Ancient Nutrition Essential Oils? 

You can honestly find essential oils any and everywhere, but based off the research I've done,  that doesn't mean you should buy them from any and everywhere. The downside of them becoming so popular means that everyone and their mom offers them and the variation in quality is HUGE.

Because essential oils are coming into such close contact with you, either topically, via ingesting them or diffusing them, I would definitely prioritize quality when trying them out and that's why I feel very confident in recommending them to you. I look to Ancient Nutrition as a company I can always trust to put quality first whether it’s their Bone Broth protein that I use in smoothies or their essential oils that are now...essential to my mornings ;) So yes, I plan on sticking with Ancient nutrition for my oils & would recommend them to anyone. 

✨I’m happy to be able to share a discount code with all of you if their oils or anything else sounds like something that would serve you!  

Just use code “NOELLE” at checkout 💸!  ✨

Long story short, I'm so glad the Universe worked its magic and gave me the opportunity to give essential oils a second shot with Ancient Nutrition. Diffusing is now a must for me every morning as it really elevates my energy and mood naturally.  I think this "elevation tactic"  is even more powerful for those who are NOT morning people but who are trying to be because it gives you a self-care-esque addition to your morning routine that can excite you to follow through with your morning routine. By associating a new, "lux" kind of habit, like diffusing, with mornings, you have one more reason to make mornings your thing...!


It's truly the little things...

To think that just a few months ago I would just walk past essential oils in the store, not knowing how transformative they would be for my mornings...crazy how life works and what an open mind with positive expectations will deliver to you if you allow it. 

If any of you are avid essential oil users, I'd love to hear about your experience with them! Have you tried Ancient Nutrition's essential oil line? What's your favorite kind, what do you like to use them for most, how have they elevated your life?! 

As always, I love you & thanks for reading! Keep healing, thriving and fueling that fire. 


--Morning Dove