So Is Acupuncture Legit Or...?

Guessing by the title of this blog post, you are probably wondering what’s up with acupuncture. Maybe you have been wondering about if for years...does it really work? What is it for? Or maybe you’re completely new to the idea and just want to know if those little needles can do something to improve your life  💁🏽‍♀️ This is the first of many to come on acupuncture so I'm going to keep it as basically an intro into the topic and what better way than nailing down if it's legit or not?!

NOTE: Let me just preface this by telling you, I was not brought up holistically at all, and if this were 5 years prior, I would probably be skeptical as well—I’m also not an acupuncturist or anything so I get nothing from talking it up or down—this is just my honest opinion...

 Here’s my take as a regular patient of Christi Mendoza L.A.c*for 4 years strong 💪🏽:

1) Is it legit?

YES. It is as legit as it gets.

Cue you saying "Cool but why...?"

Well,  It’s been used for literally thousands...yes thousands of years.

This alone says something. The practice started in China about 2,000 years ago and is STILL mainstream in China. The whole culture vouches for it as a typical American vouches for Advil. 

2) It’s maintained clout for a reason.

So when I took the leap and decided to try  acupuncture for my Gastroparesis, I did all the research I could before hand to get a grasp on what has kept it a thriving, healing practice. Without getting too nerdy, basically, in Chinese culture, the body has lines, or meridians in which energy flows through. Acupuncture is able to tap into these channels and work on restoring balance to that energy. 


Someone with a digestive disorder like me, has some blockages in meridians that bring energy to the GI tract  💁🏽‍♀️ So, needle work is done on those meridians (not all necessarily near the GI region). 

Also, it turns out, it’s backed by science. Plain and simple. Acupuncture actually has some scientific backing now as researchers have FINALLY been able to confirm that the needles are affecting  the body’s nervous & immune system. Experts argue that they do much more, but research has yet to find a way to really measure it. *If you know anything about proper scientific experiments it will come at no surprise to you that creating a proper control & experimental group isn’t the easiest thing to do when the treatment is literal needles. 😅*

Anywho, the results seen in the Western world for everything from pain management to fertility has granted it a seat in major hospitals! Some traditionally trained MDs are actually going back to school to learn the practice in order to help their patients in ways that drugs and other traditional treatments can’t...Now that’s saying something!  


3) I believe it played a big role in my healing of Gastroparesis & absent period. 

I turned to acupuncture as my last resort, my last real hope in finding something that would work for my Gastroparesis. Still,  I had very little hope as UCLA couldn’t even help me. But, within a few 40 minutes sessions  coupled with my following of a new eating regimen given to me by Christi, I started to feel drastically different. 

At the time I also had missed my period for more than a YEAR (most likely because I was underweight) but she worked on fertility points and I got my period after only 1 session 😳😂 it was laughably effective. 

I'm laughing just because of the incredible struggle it was for over a year to find something that worked: this pill or that supplement or that antibiotic...all literally only making me worse. Then this “last resort” fixes me in a fraction of the time I spent living in frustration 😂 WOW. I’m not upset, as I could be>>I find that laughing at the situation is much more healing than getting deep in the feels.  

So Basically...

With all that being said, I would honestly recommend that anyone who is over traditional treatments or who needs an extra boost for their IBS, allergies, pain, hormones, etc should try acupuncture out for themselves before pre-determining whether it’s for them or not. Not being a fan of needles (like me) should not hold you back from trying it because if you can believe literally cannot feel them (it’s kinda crazy!) . Also, if you lean towards the more natural approach to health, this is right up your alley>>no pills or chemicals, just your own body being triggered to heal ITSELF. 

If any of you have tried it, are regulars or have questions, I want to hear them—I’m always happy to start a convo in the comments or privately through email 😘 

 *Christi Mendoza’s practice is located in Torrance, California and anyone in the area should seriously consider checking her out—I trust this woman with my life! 🙌🏽