Sometimes you gotta eat dirt 🤷🏽‍♀️—My SBO probiotic experience.

This is a sponsored conversation on behalf of Ancient Nutrition. Thoughts and opinions are all mine. 

*Things to keep in mind while reading: personal gut health & everyday mood*

So no, I don’t literally mean eat dirt, let me explain:

So as someone with a digestive disorder, gut health always stays at the top of my health priority list. If there’s anything I’ve learned from having a digestive disorder it’s that when your gut is off, you are off, whether you have a digestive disorder or not! There's just no way around it—UNLESS you’re cool with feeling bloated or constipated or queasy or any other fun feeling on the reg when you are just tryin’ to live yo best life— I can’t make you take your gut seriously 🤷🏽‍♀️

Anywho, though my condition is mostly under control thanks long holistic healing journey,  I still experience flares, off days and even side effects of having a chronic condition>>hair loss being on the extreme end & skin issues being on the minor end. So anything I can do to boost my gut is on my on-going to-do list  🙌🏽


 So, what even are SBO probiotics? 

SBO stands for Soil Based Organisms AKA dirt bacteria...the good kind. Before you squint and question why on earth 🌏 you’d want to ingest this—let me explain. You already know bacteria is everywhere—literally everywhere, good and bad. Well, way back before all these crazy & inconvenient digestive disorders were a thing, people used to eat a lot more food from the earth...fruits, veggies, all the goods. The difference between the goods they ate and the goods we eat now is that our produce often comes from depleted soil, is laden with pesticides equating to>>bye bye good bacteria that our guts once (and still) needed to thrive. SBO’s are nothing new at all—think of it as a rediscovery 😯 *Told you it wasn’t that weird* 

 Why did I give them a go?

Long story short, a couple months back towards the end of my Speing semester, stress began to get to me and my gut suffered. I started to experience weird symptoms like the runs, bloating and overall queasiness even though I was religiously taking my tried & true probiotic from Inner Eco. THEN I REMEMBERED *dramatic voice* months back I had listened to a podcast about the importance of switching up your probiotic every now and again to avoid over-domination of certain strains. In other words, if you stay on one probiotic forever, your gut will have an overabundance of a very limited number of strains when real gut health actually comes from variety 💁🏽‍♀️ Basically, I was due for a rotation. 

*So, I reached out to the angels at Ancient Nutrition & they sent me their SBO probiotics to try... I said a little prayer and hoped for the best 🙏🏽... 


My Experience:

I should say that I received these back in May and I waited a full 2 months to write this so I could really feel these out. I got all the deets now 🙏🏽

Anywho, like I said, prior to taking these I had been feel really off in the digestive department and my mood started to suffer. When I got these, I made sure to read the instructions on the best way to take them--2 capsules 1/day with water or juice, and I just started. I made sure that while I was taking these, I stopped my normal probiotic as I had already been taking that for too long without a break anyways. 

My first day on them was not the best honestly...I felt even more bloated, but I had to tell myself that was normal & even expected. I committed to taking them for 2 solid weeks before evaluating them because that's how long it can take for your body to get adjusted! By the third day I noticed the bloating was beginning to fade out and the runs stopped almost immediately. This in and of itself was a blessing at the time because I had been feeling bloated for a few days too long. From the third day onward, my body seemed to have adapted to them well as my digestion was feeling fleekkky again *bless* and once week 2 rolled around, I decided to keep going for the rest of the month. By the end of the month I could tell that my gut was happy because... 

1) the runs had stopped

2) the bloating that was induced by stress and probably too much of normal probiotic stopped 

3) I felt darn good. In general. (gut mind axis 🧠👀)

All that being said, I have learned my probiotic lesson and will be adding these to my ROTATION of probiotics from here on out. 


What makes Ancient Nutrition’s SBO A Standout

So what stood out and intrigued me about the Ancient Nutrition SBO’s probiotic was the fact that not only does it obviously have probiotics, but it includes fermented, healing super foods/herbs that are basically there to give extra digestive support.

Fermented anything= digestive heaven in most cases.

Most other probiotics are just that, probiotics-- which is fine, but adding fermented superfoods? Ummm yes please. >>Ancient Nutrition always seems to find a way to keep things spicy if ya know what I’m sayyyin’ & that's why I love them.  

AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE NOTE: These contain an herb called Ashwaganda that is an incredible superfood that helps combat stress, but can be triggering for autoimmune conditions. My gastroparesis was not affected but just a warning. If you don't have an autoimmune disease you are gucci, if you do, their Leaky Gut Formula may be better for you. 


Some quality probiotics right there ^^ 👀

Some quality probiotics right there ^^ 👀

How will your body react? 

This will honestly depend on your body...everyone really reacts differently but...

...with any probiotic, there is usually an adjustment period of anywhere from a day or two to a week. During that time it's totally normal to actually feel more bloated, have a change in bowel habits or just feel weird--that's just your body getting used to the new guys in your GI tract, —annoying I know, but worth it in the long run—truuuust.

Though, sometimes you'll get lucky & your body will adapt fast and you'll start seeing positive change quickly. You may begin to notice more regularity in the bathroom, less bloating, even clearer skin--it really just depends on your body and if it’s a good fit.  




Serving size is 2 capsules :) love that they don't require refrigeration!   

Serving size is 2 capsules :) love that they don't require refrigeration!


My Top Takeaways:

1) They helped me regain my regularity after about a week of taking them consistently. 

2) SBO probiotics are trending for good reason--they can help restore gut balance and contribute to overall better health.

3) Based off my personal experience with them, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to you unless you have an autoimmune disorder (certain ingredients like Ashwaganda may aggravate your condition).

4) The price tag of these equals the value--in addition to probiotics, these also include fermented superfoods. 2 for 1 🙌🏽💸

PS: If you have an questions about probiotics, my experience with these or any personal stories, please share! Would love to start a convo in the comments & hear you're guy's thoughts!


Thank you again to Ancient Nutrition for supporting my health journey and mission--having a larger team who supports you is priceless. Beyond Grateful.