I Tried Celebrity Level Health—IV Vitamin Therapy

*Things to keep in mind while reading: Open-mindedness, personal intuition, & curiosity*

Ok so thanks to some intense manifestation, (I've been wanting to try this out for months) I got offered the opportunity to try out IV vitamin therapy at Gentera Med, a regenerative medical facility in Canoga park--its like Calabassas's neighbor. I, like you, had seen pictures of celebrities with IV's in them while drinking coffee in hotel rooms and wondered what this was all about and whether it was just a boujee way to recover from a hangover or something. Personally, I rarely drink, and if I do, it's so l little that I can't get hungover (lol) so a simple hangover cure didn't  interest me, though no shame if it interests you ;). In about an hour I learned how this popularized hangover cure can actually do so much more!! 


What is IV Vitamin Therapy?  

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IV vitamin therapy is exactly what it sounds like--injecting vitamins straight into the veins! 

Why would you do that? Well by injecting them right into your veins, they get to bypass the digestive tract so your body essentially gets an intense kick of nutrients immediately. It was made popular as a hangover cure by celebrities but depending on where you go, you can get a bag of vitamins for different purposes...like the "Beauty Bomb" I got at Gentera that was loaded with B vitamins + glutathione the "Healer" loaded with Vitamin C. The first thing I think of when I hear IV Therapy is BOUUUJEEEE! Ahaha I picture a celebrity with big sunglasses and an LV purse going in for their weekly vitamins intravenously just because they CAN not necessarily because they need to. idk why I picture Kim K but she fits the imagined scenario. 


Who Should get IV Therapy?  

The fact is, most people have some vitamin deficiencies. Even those of us with incredibly healthy diets. Why? Because of soil-depletion, weak digestive tracks, etc...it happens. So honestly any and everyone would benefit from getting one, especially if you feel your health hasn't been OP lately. Also, finding out that the "hangover cure" is just one of the many IVs to choose from opens the door to so many other uses, like increasing energy or stimulating healing with the right vitamin combinations. If I could magically make it affordable for my student budget, I'd be doing it weekly (one day *tear*).  

But thanks to celebrities and athletes, its easy to assume that its really just for those on the boujee side of life. Turns out, if you are willing to spend a good $150 (comparable to a nice facial or massage) you can give your body a serious boost. So like I mentioned earlier, before I was fully informed on IV Therapy, I simply thought it was a boujee way to get the vitamins you can get through food, leading me to believe it’s reserved for people who have money to just throw around—*I see and support you Kylie.* 

But, Dr. Zagone, the doctor I saw at Gentera, helped me understand with a thorough explanation of the science behind it all—IV therapy is really for anyone—especially people who have vitamin deficiencies that are often disguised in having low energy, being unable to loose weight, even having mental health struggles....the list goes on.

Dr. Zagone helped me put 2 and 2 together: if you’re deficient in any vitamins, even just one, your body can’t live up to its fullest potential and little things pop up like low energy or even big things like hair thinning! So basically, though it still has a boujee reputation, it's a real viable therapy for what it's worth. 🙌🏽  

Why get IV Therapy?  

Receiving vitamins directly into your veins is like giving your body an immediate health boost.

  • Can help with skin issues, digestive, mental health, or even weight issues (vitamin deficiencies are sometimes at the root of these things)

  • Can boost immunity (hey autoimmune friends this one's for you!)

  •  Can replenish energy levels

  • Can help you heal from x,y,z faster

  • Can be a preventative anti-aging tactic

If you've been feeling under the weather, been eating crappy, have a known health condition or just had a hardcore weekend, you'll just feel better...a lot better. Some people will only use it as hangover recovery tool because of their lifestyle and the fact that it's insanely effective (it's basically forcing amazing hydration into your body), but others (LIKE ME with a digestive disorder) can help to fill in the gaps from time to time with a heavy dose of vitamins.



My Personal Experience

(pictured: Me, Pre-IV, getting nervous for no reason 😅 )

 I have been wanting to see what IV vitamin therapy was all about for months, & thanks to some hardcore manifestation, I had the opportunity to try it out on behalf of Gentra Med.  

If you know anything about me it’s that I will go out of my way for health so long as it’s natural &, given the main doctor on site was a Naturopathic doctor, it got the seal of approval. 

Anywho, day of I went about my morning as usual>worked out, ate, matcha-ed...all of it 💁🏽‍♀️ then head over with my friend & co-worker Ava. When we arrived I immediately got a wave of “Lux health” flow over me as I looked around the gorgeous facility that looked like something in between a medical office and a spa.  

What I loved and stood out to me was that the whole experience was rooted in science...in real medicine. They took my blood pressure, temperature and Dr. Zangone took a full health history and listened to my crazy health story without rushing me. Then based off what I had told her about my energy, skin, hormones & all that she decided against going with one of their standard vitamin mixes and decided to just make me a custome one...HELLO 😍. 

Within the next 10 minutes I was sitting in a comfy, reclining chair getting B vitamins + the master antioxidant glutathione pumped slowly in my veins.  

I honestly didn’t feel anything and that’s totally normal according to Dr. Zagone. The whole bag took about 20 minutes to empty then she took out the IV and I was set to go. No down time or anything...it was so simple!  

She did warn me that I may feel a little off for a couple hours as some people’s bodies have a little detox reaction (this is good) but it just depends on your body. 

Ava & I said thank you, gave hugs and went on it way 👯‍♀️...I did feel slightly nauseous for about an hour, & my immediate thought was OH NO. But after a couple hours my energy made a 360. I’m talking laser focus while working+ I want to run a couple miles— It was laughably noticeable and my afternoon caffeine craving was not even thing.  

My energy levels remained noticeably higher for a solid 3 days which I took as a sign that I was deficient before 😬 So I’ll definitely be going back as often as my student budget allows 😅

I’d say it was a successful experience 🙌🏽  

Should you try it? 

Based off my personal positive experience and what I know about the practice in general, it gets the Balancednfit seal of approval for sure. In short, its basically a way to heal/support/treat your body in a very natural but intense way. So, I’d say that if you have the ability to give it a try, try it--you won’t regret it. Even if you are scared of needles (that's definitely me!) its totally worth that 2 second pinch. But I will say, it's not necessarily cheap, so I won't be a regular quite yet...buy ya'll know me...I will spend money on my health ;) even as a student. Now is the time to be in tip-top shape right?? 


PS: I would like to just thank Gentera Med for not only having me try this out, but for introducing this natural therapy to the LA area. We need more highly respected doctors like Dr. Zagone getting press for promoting natural healing...thank you for doing what you are doing! 

--Morning Dove