You Should Probably be Taking Turmeric--TRUCURC Review

Supplements, supplements. The world of health and fitness does a great job at throwing 40,0000 different pre-workouts, powders and capsules at us that will supposedly help us be better in some way. Mentally, physically, spiritually... all the “llys” 😅...let me be the one to break it to ya if you haven't already discovered for yourself, most of them don't live up to hype!

But ohhhh turmeric...the supplement that has never steered me wrong 💯...

Story Time

When I first started taking control of my health back in high-school, supplements were a fascinating mystery to me. I felt so confused as to what to take and what not to take, so I tried what seems like everything--10/10 don't recommend.

But after a couple years of trial and error, personal research, lots of wasted money and some university level nutrition courses ;)  I realized that nutrient dense food was the main player in any health journey and that you have to be very picky with what supps you let slide in your life. 

Ya live & ya learn!

*Cue Turmeric sliding into my life--I see you boo* 

But seriously, these days, I really only take (& need) a handful of supplements and turmeric is one of them 💁🏽‍♀️ 

So Why Turmeric?

You know how you pop an Ibuprofen when you have a headache or cramps? Well, that's to reduce inflammation thereby reducing the pain. Though I know most of us already know this, it's easy to forget that inflammation is at the root of just about every health concern out there--everything from weight gain to GI conditions, chronic pain, hormonal imbalances and even cancer...

Turmeric is a ancient superfood that is most famous for it's bright orange color that many people associate with the traditional Indian curry dishes. Lone behold, research over the past decade or so has found it contains a substance called curcumin, that is an incredibly powerful, safe, anti-inflammatory. So powerful that it's actually been tested up against traditional anti-inflammatories like Ibuprofen and found to be just as effective in many

What's crazy to think about but  also good to know is that everyone has some level of inflammation going on in their body--some people's inflammation is just more obnoxious than others and unfortunately presents itself as pain while others are more subdued and cause issues over time...

So being proactive and including something that has strong anti-inflammatory properties is not a bad idea for anyone really :)

My Experience

I started taking turmeric about a year ago mainly for my gut-health, as my GI condition makes me prone to inflammation of the GI tract and food allergies (which has a domino effect on the rest of the body)--but also has a preventative measure.

I personally didn't feel a huge difference day-to-day because my symptoms weren't as loud as let's say, pain... but overtime my GI tract has been healing tremendously over the past year and I don't doubt taking a turmeric supplement played a role.

So, today, a year later I still take it in cycles (one month on, one month off)  because I really feel like it's been a contributing factor to the maintenance of the healing that has occurred... Which is so interesting because that must mean a lot of my GI issues stem from inflammation...crazy. Plus, I’m more of a multi-tasking kinda girl these days anyways, so taking a turmeric supplement does the job of a whole load of supplements in one. Need I say more? I will...

My favorite Brand  

Like I mentioned earlier, in the beginning, I didn't understand the importance of quality with supplements...or actually, I didn't understand what to look for. To be fair, it's hard to decipher BS from legitimacy in our internet-ruled world, am I right?? Sooooo having the plug from people you trust is always ideal ;)  

That being said, Fresh Healthcare is a brand I discovered earlier this year when then sent me a bottle of their Ashwaganda to try 🙆🏽‍♀️ If you've read this article, you'll understand why they won my trust as a high-quality supplement company. So when they sent me a bottle of their turmeric supplement TRUCURC to try, I had only the highest expectations and they without a doubt met them, again! 

About Fresh Health Care Turcurc

  • Their capsules contain 95% curcuminoids AKA the active ingredient that gives turmeric it's anti-inflammatory properties. This is important because a lot of brands use proprietary blends & bueno!!

  • It is highly absorbable meaning your body will actually be able to utilize it!! They do this by adding bioperine (black pepper) which increases the absorption of the curcumin.

  • It's easy to take and affordable. At the end of the day, what matters to a lot of us is how much something is going to cost us and if we are actually going to take it. I get it! So I'd suggest ordering it through amazon for the best price :)

  • I could go on, but Fresh Health Care explains all the science and fun details zee best in this blog post...!

Lastly, as a brand I just really appreciate how transparent they are about their ingredients and the fact that they provide easy to digest information on superfoods and supplements on their website. Not to mention, their founder, Dr. Wleed has always been very friendly and easy to work with, which on its own speaks volumes for the type of company it is 🙌🏽


So as a recap...

  • Turmeric is favorite of mine, but in order to reap the anti-inflammatory properties, it's best to take it in supplement form.

  • It's the multitasker that we all want to be. It can help in the "now" with things like pain management but it can also work hard behind the scenes for better skin or digestion over time!

  • quality is everything with any turmeric--I'd stick to an organic, with a high concentration of curcuminoid's like Fresh Health Care's TRUCURC that is my trusted go-to.


—Morning Dove 🕊