The Cocobun Method for Incredible Hair

Who doesn’t want shinier, healthier hair?

I don’t care what type of hair you have: thick, thin, curly, straight…hair is a big part of our “look” as women.

I started doing this natural hair mask back in my senior year of high school as a way to try and prevent damage from my bi-weekly blowouts {my hair is naturally verrrry thick, curly and…big & I preferred it straight & sleek}. I had no idea how impactful it would be on the health of my hair in the years to come & honestly, I don’t want to know where it would be, now, 5 years later after quite a bit of straightening.

Basically what I am saying is it’s worked like a charm for me.

What’s the magic potion?

Coconut oil!! 

Before proceeding please note that this is NOT a “coconut oil is the end all be all magic substance that can do anything” post that I’m sure many of you have already come across at some point. Yes, I do love the stuff, but I’m not here to over hype anything or lead anyone on ;) Just an honest experience + recommendation as always. 

Me rocking the cocobun to work last summer. The only thing someone noticed was that “I smelled really nice that day” LOL !!

Me rocking the cocobun to work last summer. The only thing someone noticed was that “I smelled really nice that day” LOL !!


What is a “cocobun”?  

The Cocobun is hair style that results from coating your strands in coconut oil for anywhere between 8-24 hours, then bunning it! 

Why coconut oil?  

As many of you might know, coconut oil is a health food. Yes, I understand the controversy around it being a saturated fat but that’s an argument for a different post. For the purpose of hair, the fat in coconut oil serves as nothing less than a buttery, nourishing mask.

Naturally rich in vitamins like Vitamin E {a real beauty vitamin}, it’s like a luxury hair mask…in a $10 dollar bottle…that will last you 10+ masks…

Note: I love me a good boujee, luxury product—but honestly, why pay more if you don’t have to?

*High school, college, broke but coming up as we speak budget approved!


 How Much?

This is where coconut oil masks always go wrong! We get over-excited at the idea of this magical natural substance and just about dump a whole jar on our heads and wonder why we can’t wash it out for the life of us. I am not sure if you have personal experience with this, but *cough* I do.

Stick to 1-2 Tablespoons to start. Work it through your hair & feel it. Is it covered? 

…then you are good! You can always add more...adding less isn’t a thing once the deed is done.  

How Long? 

Simply said 8-24 hours.  

Thin or fine hair will not need much marinating, so a safe bet is an 8hr overnight mask. 

Thick, wavy, curly or any other variety of hair that’s not pin straight can probably handle the overnight + day time route.  

Still, you know your hair best, play around with it 🤗. 

How Often?  

I started doing cocobuns my senior year of high school when I first started straightening my hair. My hair & scalp were always on the dry side. So, I did it 1x a week & my hair luuuved it. 

Now that my hair is less dry & has lost a bit of its youthful thiccness, I do it about every 2 weeks.  

So basically you’ll have to play around with your personal sweet spot.  


The art of the cocobun is, thank God, simple enough to do on your most exhausting day yet complex enough to distract you from other thoughts. I see the 10 minutes it takes to do as a mini meditative state honestly.  

All you will need is coconut oil—organic is preferable just because it’s touching & soaking into your scalp—& a wide toothed comb, though you can get away with any brush that doesn’t have hair-like bristles. 

I always start the process after I shower so my hair shafts will be warm & extra receptive to the nutrients in the oil.  


1) SHOWER: Take a hot shower, wash your hair well, & pat dry/get all the excess water out.  

2) APPLY: anywhere between 1-3 tablespoons of the oil {I suggest starting with 1 & building up} and  warm in the palms of your hand. Oil should be liquid-y enough to work through hair with finger tips. 

3) SCALP: Prioritize the scalp & massage 💆🏽 it in there!!  

4) COMB: Using your comb, brush oil from scalp to ends. The goal is for all your strands to be covered. Not SOAKED —just covered. 

5) BUN IT: Create a middle part & make two low buns secured with any hair tie 💁🏽‍♀️.  

6) YOUR CHOICE: Sleep OR Wear Out!  

  • If you are doing an overnight mask, you might want to cover your oily hair with a sleeping cap if you don’t want too much of a mess on your sheets OR if your skin is very prone to clogged pores. I personally just jump in bed without precautions because I don’t mind washing my sheets after/my skin isn’t too bothered by coconut oil.

  • If you are going to rock them outside the house, 1) YAS GIRL JOIN THE CLUB & 2) make sure it’s not a cold day—coconut oil hardens in the cold— meaning you could end up with a bunch of white flecks all over your head. I’ve made that mistake—look alike dandruff isn’t cute.

7) NEWBIE? If you are new to the cocobun life, I would suggest doing a maximum of an overnight mask as to not overwhelm your hair. If you know you have pretty dry, rough or just plain strong hair, go for the overnight + day route that I do & simply wash at night.

Post cocobun my hair is so so so shiny and healthy looking…

Post cocobun my hair is so so so shiny and healthy looking…

8) WASH OUT THOROUGHLY: I cannot stress this enough. So many girls end up falsely hating coconut oil masks because they underestimate how deeply they need to wash. This is the only time I advocate for the rise & repeat method. 

Note: your hair will probably feel a little heavier  for the first day & especially the first time you do this, so don’t freak! After a day or two, your hair will balance out & be simply shiny and soft...much more so than before the mask…{pictured>>} 


And that’s it! It’s a simple, natural way to really amp up the health and sheen of your hair.


Do you notice the difference in confidence you have when you are having a good hair day? Is there anything holding you back from taking better care of your hair? Or do you struggle to love your God-given texture? Drop a comment and get it off your chest!! Guaranteed you are not the only one…

 ~Morning Dove 🕊 


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