Mind Hack: Doing Hard Things

It’s not as hard as our minds make it to be.

It’s not that hard to wake up early. Whatever "early" is to you. 

It’s not that hard to drink lots of water every day consistently.

 It’s not that hard to eat healthy when you know how to navigate your choices, or to go for that evening walk or give up dairy once and for all or start feeling confident about your choices around friends who don't seem to relate to your goals.

It's not that "hard."

Hard is just a word that we cast a lot of weight on as a society. We give that word all the weight we feel on our shoulders when thinking about tackling that "thing" or that "goal" we want to achieve. That four letter word subconsciously holds us back from the things we really want to do, the things we deserve to achieve. How? Because our brains are smart. We are wired to find the easiest way out, for survival. Our primitive subconscious still rules most of what we do if we do not choose to out smart it. Oh how easy it is to attach that small little four letter word to anything and settle with it. It's scary easy to do. 

But, what if we looked at that word through different eyes? What if we stared to see things & experiences as they truly are without pre-judging them out of fear of our own incapability? What if we decided to feel how we want to feel about the things we have always deemed too hard to do. 

What if we said that getting up early was easy. What if we just SAID that. Words carry weight—they trigger us subconsciously to feel certain ways about certain things. Just like labeling something as hard puts us in a certain headspace, so will any other descriptive we attach to the things we do in our lives.

What if we said working out was just as easy as sending those morning emails we do effortlessly. Or that researching nutrition pertinent to us was as easy as scrolling through our social media. What if we just took control of our choice of words and thoughts actively each & everyday and decided that we could in fact do  the things we want to do and love it.

Health or work. Body or mind. Having this realization NOW when you are young (or not!) is like opening 10 doors at once. All of sudden you are NOT held back by old thoughts. All of a sudden you are able to do what you want.

How? Because what we believe to be hard will be hard & what we believe to be simple will for sure be a piece of cake! The definition we give to the word hard is the bridge we build over our own challenges. Is it going to be a scary, rickety, wooden bridge that no one can cross? Or will it be a game of jumping and balancing with adrenaline & fearlessness. Your mind determines that. 

"But it's not that EASY! Then nobody would ever struggle with doing anything!! Right? Oh come on, that's great Noelle, but some things are hard. They just are. And, easy for you to say, self proclaimed "Morning Dove" with it all figured out and no real obstacles." 

Yeah hun...no--I WISH! My story starts as an pretty overweight child who developed severe anxiety, depression, an eating disorder & then an "incurable" chronic illness that damn near killed me. Now I'm highlighting this NOT to say "oh look how hard I had it". I'm highlighting it because it's just a testament to my past & that positivity, health & happiness were not running through my veins from day one. I had to choose over and over, day after day, to overcome the word hard and just do things to get me to where I am today.

 Fitness & health is for you, if you want it.  I’ve overcome mental obstacles that almost killed me, & let me just say, the mind is an incredible,  powerful thing that is in full control of what we end up doing with our lives. Stop labeling things as hard. Your perspective determines that. 


I let go of fear of difficulty. Not all at once, but over time.  If you THINK health and wellness and all the glowy skin, hair, toned legs and confident smiles will be too hard to achieve... 

well then honey, it will be. 

--Morning Dove