Depression Breakthrough Series: You are Everything.

It’s possible to feel like nothing. Not even like a shell—just like, nothing. A shell desires to be filled but nothing is nothing.

Sitting in this space is like sitting in a dark tunnel without the promised light glistening at the end. It’s pitch black with only echoes of voices that hurt your eardrums despite their objectively supportive tunes. You, whom you know still exists doesn’t care to go on. Doesn’t care to walk in the dark. You’re too tired for that. You’ve been tired and sleep isn’t a solution. What the hell is? 

You crave advice yet shun it. You know the answers already, and that makes things worse. You know it’s just you in this nothing and yet you know there was something before this, but the suffocating feeling of nothing has you drowning in the air of this never ending tunnel that you now suspect to be a tube...

Where is your everything?

*You came from everything and everything is you.*

You literally came from star dust and if that doesn’t trip you out I don’t know what will. You are so rare and so individual it’s difficult to think about for too long if you aren’t prepared to trip off Thoughts. You are everything therefore this feeling of nothing is nothing but that.


A feeling that has no blame or rhyme or reason and if it did, who cares because analyzing that feeling is no use while drowning in it. 


The realization that you have everything you’ll ever need inside you is more than the words you just read. It’s real. It’s fact. It’s shocking. 


When you are in nothing, all you see is nothing. When you REALIZE you ARE everything without asking questions, without being cynical, without burying yourself deeper into that nothing, your tube is no long a tube, it’s a tunnel. And the light appears and it’s bright and beautiful. All of a sudden you’re already touching it...u don’t have to walk anymore, the journey out of nothing is over. You’re’re everything. 


Depression takes you places that don’t exist to others. My experience locked me in this tube of nothing on and off for years I can't get back. Unfortunately & fortunately only you can remember who you are. You are not the result of other peoples labels or any external circumstances. You can be you & think new thoughts about yourself independent of who you used to be. You can laugh at yourself and cry at the same time. You have the power because you are everything if you want to be. You are far from nothing, you are everything. 


—Morning Dove