"Blahh" Recovery: Mind Tricks & Prending `


It's a day, let's say Tuesday and you feel caught in a haze. You don't feel bad per-se, just off in some way...a way that makes you feel lost in your daily routine or uninspired to do what you set out to do X number of days or weeks ago. Maybe you are looking at your Nikes like, "damn, you've been neglected again!" or at your mental state like, "shit, I'm still thinking all these negative thoughts. I thought that was over." Whatever it is you feel like, it's not what your past self envisioned you feeling like in the here and now. The "here and now you" was supposed to feel amazing and put together and happy. What happened? How do I re-bot and just get back on track...it's so difficult!!  Well, I've been there. Here's a peak inside the games I play with myself to get out.


Stop & look around you as if you have just discovered you're alive. Alive as in living, breathing and capable. 

First thoughts are "WTF do you mean" & I mean exactly what I say...Open your eyes to the everyday life you have gotten so used to. Go look yourself in the mirror.

Holy sh*t you are a rare gem!! Not because you don't have any acne or redness or scars, because maybe you do. Not because you just got your eyebrows done, because maybe you didn't. Just because you woke up to a life that you don't HAVE to have. Have you ever thought about the fact that you are not entitled to this life more than an ant on the ground yet you are still here and you are beautiful& capable for that simple reason. You may be an Instagram model or a bare faced beauty, either way you have thoughts about how you compare to the girl next to you. Crazy isn't it? No matter how beautiful you are, you’ll still compare... so stop! Enjoy your beauty AND her beauty. It's so much easier. Now, think about yourself from the perspective of a 4 year old little girl. Maybe it's you, maybe it's a random child who looks up to you with those glistening eyes of amazement. She doesn't care what you didn't do yesterday or what you should have done already today, she wonders what you will do next. 

You can't let her down! And why would you, how could you? Letting her down would be taking this day for granted and acting as though you are average. You are everything this little girl sees you as, so make sure you live out this day like she is watching you. Go workout, say no to self-sabatogging habits, and eat some real, nourishing food. It's what you want to do, it's what you set out to do, and now that you have "awoken" again to this life and have two glistening eyes in awe of you, go do it. Do it, whatever it is, today. Imperfectly and unsure, just do it. You may have woken up feeling unmotivated or "blah" but who cares? This moment is yours.


This weird flow of thoughts & realizations is actually a routine of sorts that I go through when I am grappling for motivation of some kind. Maybe it's to workout, or apply for that internship, or even take my freakin vitamins! I've learned the power in breaking things down to build them back up with a new found energy. I do this to break my brain's otherwise anxiety-inducing,  pattern of self-depricating thoughts that have the power to keep me stuck in one place for too long. 

I didn't get over the obstacles that people said I couldn't get over without weird mental tricks that are a little embarrassing for some people to admit to (but not me because I don't have the embarrassment gene LOL) Sometimes you just need to play pretend like you are 7 years old again and re-awaken to how f*cking amazing this life is and your place in it. It sounds hippie-dippie till you try it and you laugh at yourself and realize you feel silly, but also good. 

And that's all you need. All you need is to feel good. You need to...you guessed it, fuel your female fire my loves. Give it a try tomorrow morning, be a child, play pretend, awaken to your freaking life babe because it's YOURS and that's your spark that nobody can put out. 


--Morning Dove