You are more intuitive than you realize.

I need to share something with you. I used to think I was special. LOLOL

As in, for quite some time I convinced myself that I was somehow special in my ability to really understand myself. 

During high school, a time of so much confusion, growth and risk taking, i was always sure in how I felt and what I wanted. It made me feel so different from the majority of people who seemed so eager to please and be liked.  

I didn’t feel better than other people, I just felt special—perhaps that special feeling was a coping mechanism most likely for my inability to connect with many people my age aside from my then boyfriend who loved my dramatic self.😂

Anywho the older I have gotten the more I have realized that I was very wrong. I was and am not “special” or unique in my ability to be introspective.

I am simply comfy with it.  

The more people I meet and connect with the more i have realized that so many of us are a little bit  dis-eased by our own wants, desires and goals therefore we keep ourself busy externally & wonder why we feel lost.  

This lack of personal intuition...the knowing & embracing of what you really’s not a lack really, but a choice—A sort of dedication to yourself.  

When given half a chance, your dreams will bubble to the surface and given the other half of that chance, will scream at you>>bringing clarity to what you want and need to do!!! 

I learned this just through my talks with friends and people who reach out to me for advice. Nobody is lacking in personal intuition, but a lot of people are lacking in a willingness to listen to themselves. It’s not as easy as listening to your favorite song on Spotify. It can be quite terrifying to hear thoughts that conflict with what you think you are supposed to do, think & want.

I personally owe like 90% of my good outcomes to listening to my own intuition & 10% to my mom confirming that yes, my thoughts are valid 😂🙏🏽


Anywho, just think about it as we enter 2019. If you feel lost or confused...Think about the fact that I’m not special, I just practice listening to my intuition muscle on a regular basis & it continues to guide me in manifesting my dream life.

 Will you? 🤔💕 

Morning Dove 🕊