Cultivating Thoughts to Attract Love

Cultivate thoughts so intentional & so positive that the only thing that dare be reflected back is someone of your own frequency.

We, as humans, crave that thing that is perfect in our eyes at the moment. Often, that perfect thing is perfect because we choose to put it on a pedestal that figuratively and literally puts its energy out of alignment of our own. Like attracts like and since the first day I started actively implementing this way of thinking, it has not failed me—WITH ANYTHING. *this is the time where some will roll their eyes & while others will get excited *

Example: Relationships

With relationships for example, ever notice that when you REALLY like someone & just feel this need to be with them, they don’t chase after you. And worse, the more you want them, the less they seem to want you. Why?! You put it all out there, they should be receptive and want you too—right? Well what I learned and which got confirmed by experience, is that they may like you, but because you idolize them and put them on that pedestal, you unintentionally place them on a higher or different frequency than yourself.


Your frequencies will not align and therefore will not be able to attain their positive attention…or in other words, they will run the other direction.

But as soon as you loose interest or finally get over them, ummmm hello random text asking how you’ve been. Sound familiar?  


Well, after letting go, you found your self I found myself again after a situation like this one. I, selfishly as I should, used all my energy to focus on myself and my frequency elevated once again and what happened? I no longer looked desperate in their eyes because I was on a pedestal of my own , out of their reach. And because we are human, we want what we can’t have—and they wanted me back.

Sounds a little like a sick game right? Well I assure you that it doesn’t have to be. the goal is not to be on a pedestal, the goal is to be so you and so happy in your you-ness that you attract similar vibes…aka “your perfect match”—like attracts like.


Looking back at my relationships, the 2 that caused me pain were the ones in which I idealized the other person. They became perfect to me and in that state of mind, I couldn’t have them. I thought I learned the first time, but the heart is tough to control-- So it happened again, but this time with someone I feel head over heels for in every way imaginable. Had I caught myself, like I had in the relationships that went MY way, things may have turned out differently.

What I do now:  

So now, all my energy goes into being the best me. Something I usually actively aim for anyways, but now after my last experience, is at the forefront of my priorities every single day. 

It’s crazy to say, but since flipping that switch back on, I’ve already started to attract some exciting energy ;) into my life! Point is, as a girl in her early 20 twenties, I hear my fair share of relationship frustration and have certainly had some myself, but what I found in my most healthy relationships was an alignment with myself first, before with the other person. When you are happy with yourself, others are too and the work is basically done for you :)

 -Morning Dove